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Brian Wilson: Special Govt Envoy, IRA songster gets himself sorted

Brian WIlson pic

Brian Wilson

Celtic Plc non-executive director and IRA song apologist [http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/287052/Ex-MP-in-rebel-song-confession] prior to joining Celtic board on the 1st June 2005 was a minister & special envoy in HM’s Government having resigned prior to the May 2005 General Election.

Among his other directorships is one for AMEC Nuclear Holdings Limited which he joined in October 2005.

If you search for the directorships of Brian David Henderson Wilson using company director check.co.uk you find two entries:


Two ENtries for Brian WIlson

It’s the second entry which is of interest since it contains the AMEC Nuclear Holdings Ltd entry as you can see below. Also under the Rt Hon [Right Hun] entry is his Celtic directorship which is amazing because I thought he was lifelong Celtic fan.

Brian Wilson directorships

Govt Lobbying & Award of contracts to AMEC

In 2004, the year prior to becoming an AMEC director and while a prime ministerial Special Government Envoy in Iraq The Guardian reported on Thursday 25th March 2004:

Amec has won part of a $1bn (£550m) contract to rebuild water and sewerage networks in Iraq.’

‘the UK’s contribution through this and previous contracts won by Amec is worth $750m out of a total of $10bn. Mowlem, another UK hopeful, confirmed yesterday it had failed to clinch any deals; Carillion said it was still waiting to hear.’

‘The Amec deal, worth £300m to the UK company’

Brian Wilson, the prime minister’s special envoy in Iraq who lobbied in Washington with Mr O’Brien, said: “This is a US-funded contract and I have no doubt that, as funding sources diversify, British companies will play an even bigger part in rebuilding Iraq.”‘


The following year, on 26th October 2005, Brian Wilson became an AMEC director:



Does it seem Right or Honourable that ex-Ministers or Special Government Envoys of the Prime Minister of the UK Govt help get contracts awarded to companies then become directors of those companies? Surely to minimise the possibility of future ‘conflicts of interests’ post parliament, a post employment code of conduct exists. One that would cover even ex-Ministers of HM, The Queens, government, representing the British people who don’t appear to understand the insensitively of singing IRA songs in the drawing room of Hillsborough Castle, Northern Irelandan official government residence.

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One thought on “Brian Wilson: Special Govt Envoy, IRA songster gets himself sorted

  1. Oor Brian, so called Club ‘Historian’ (is he still that ?)
    He should get a Golden Jackanory award for his unstinting work over the years, for inventing and sanitising the History of that vile entity known as Scumtic FC

    Posted by allanwils | June 6, 2013, 8:02 am

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