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Bro. Walfrid Statue’s Premature Erection: Planning Permission 3 years late

Retrospective application

Celtic proudly celebrated the unveiling in November 2005 of a statue to their founder Bro. Walfrid and his ethos of helping the poor.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brother_Walfrid

Unfortunately no one at Celtic had applied for planning permission and no one at Glasgow City Council Planning Dept. seemed aware of this fact although many councillors are Celtic season ticket holders

It took three years for Celtic to ask for planning permission of Glasgow City Council. And it wasn’t until June 2008 that it was ‘discovered’. We don’t know if it was Celtic or Glasgow City Council although Celtic were applying for planning permission for Jimmy Johnstone’s statue so that was the likely trigger. So Bro. Walfrid’s statue planning permission had to be applied for retrospectively. Three years late

Retrospective Bro Walfrid


The land Bro. Walfrid’s statue was erected on was public land at the time owned by Glasgow City Council as can be seen from the Application Form section below. [Planning permission would still have to be gained even now if the forecourt was owned by Celtic due to the public access around the site as it was in 2010 for Jock Stein’s statue]:

owner GCC

Normally a photo of the drawing of a representation of the statue is submitted, while in this planning application of Bro. Walfrid’s statue it is a photo of an already erected statue:

Bro Walfrid photo


It says on the planning application that it was for vacant land but it wasn’t – there was already a statue there

vacant land

So it was Glasgow City Council land and even though so many of the councillors with their Celtic season tickets, I’m sure many on the Planning Committee, must have passed this statue many times in the 3 years, not one looked after the Council’s interests.

If any other company erected something without planning permission, see how long it would be before the Glasgow City Council got a warrant to tear it down and hand the company the bill or at least issued a large fine. However again Glasgow City Council does Celtic FC a favour and rubber stamps the planning application 3 years later without any imposition.

The front plaque on the statue base celebrates Bro. Walfrid’s Marist order with the motto ‘Ignoti et quasi occulti in hoc mundo‘ which translates to ‘Unknown and hidden in the world‘. 

Front plaque

Well it was unknown and hidden to the world of Glasgow City Council and Celtic for three years.

At least Glasgow City Council have an excuse, it was being lead by Steven Purcell, a frequent visitor to Parkhead and a Celtic season ticket holder, for those 3 years. He at least could claim some impairment – what about the rest of the councillor season ticket holders?

What was Peter Lawwell, Celtic Chief Executive, and the Celtic board doing with such poor professionalism? Bro. Walfrid did great good in the founding Celtic but in return unfortunately they did a poor job in the founding his statue.

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One thought on “Bro. Walfrid Statue’s Premature Erection: Planning Permission 3 years late

  1. I want to thank you for your time and effort you,ve put into these investigations.On behalf of all us lazy fans WE THANK YOU!

    Posted by AB | November 13, 2013, 7:24 pm

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