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London Road Primary School: Historic Scotland’s condemnation of Glasgow City Council

Historic Scotland clearance page 1 26 june 2013

Historic Scotland clearance page 2 26 June 2013

The letter above from Historic Scotland to Glasgow City Council’s Development and Regeneration Services, developers of Celtic’s application for demolition of the London Road Primary School, dated 26 June 2013, makes plain that they hold the Council culpable of calculated neglect of the School building and that the Council did not apply the normal tests required under the Scottish Historic  Environment Policy.

The three excerpts below show how strongly worded the letter was, in it’s condemnation of Glasgow City Council

In our view your Council has not adequately demonstrated that these regeneration benefits cannot equally be achieved by retaining and refurbishing this historic school.

The building has been allowed to decay and no measures were taken to keep it watertight after the theft of the roof lead in 2011. This has led to spiralling costs for repair and conversion, and consequently demolition being proposed at a very late stage, leaving little time for a more positive solution to be found.

Having considered all the details of the case we are not satisfied that the normal tests for demolition, as set out in the Scottish Historic Environment Policy, have been met.

Then reluctantly Historic Scotland accedes to Glasgow City Council’s and Celtic’s demands for demolition because of the Commonwealth Games.  Again demonstrating how the Council has used the Commonwealth Games as a battering ram to override planning checks and balances for Celtic’s development and land acquisitions.

So through willful and deliberate neglect Glasgow City Council achieves what it desires for it’s partner, Celtic.

Glasgow City Council has shown it has no respect for the history of Glasgow and any oversight for the protection of the best Victorian architecture in the UK should pass to another body that cares. This should not be comprised of building, construction or architects of Glasgow to at least have some semblance of independence.

What is the Commonwealth Games motto? ‘Delivering A Games Legacy for Scotland‘. Well we can see Glasgow City Council’s legacy writ large with their handling of this building

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One thought on “London Road Primary School: Historic Scotland’s condemnation of Glasgow City Council

  1. They fought for years to get the Old Celtic main stand listed (pure jealousy) , finally they succeeded & got it listed as having ‘Historical interest’. Then only a few years later, the Club put in planning permission to get it demolished, to build their ridiculous New see-saw stand, they went ape-shit, when told they couldn’t because (as they had asked for) it was listed. Undeterred they just moved the plan a little and built over the Old one and covered the front up. The Club it’s Officials, players, staff and fans, ALL think the Law is for other People and not them.

    Posted by allanwils | November 23, 2013, 9:21 am

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