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More Corruption: Celtic’s Option on Primary School lapsed & Glasgow City Council extended it as favour

Yesterday, 12 December 2013, Glasgow City Council Executive Committee approved the sale of land around Celtic Park including the London Road Primary School. 

LRPS Sale 12 12 2013


When did Glasgow City Council offer Celtic the option, note: option and how long did it last, of purchasing the London Road Primary School site? According to the Council’s documents it appears on an Executive Committee document dated 19 January 2007 that Celtic be given an OPTION for 3 years:

19 January option given on LRPS 3 yrs


So Celtic had to exercise the option to purchase the land by 19 January 2010. Did they do that? No, obviously when they just said they wish to exercise the option to purchase the land yesterday, 12/12/2013.

When an option is exercised/executed it has to be actioned, the property has to be purchasedthis did not happen. An option cannot be exercised then kept on ice for a further 3 years until Celtic decide when they want to make the purchase. 

There is nothing on the Glasgow City Council website, under all committees of, Celtic every accepting the option. So why was the option extended? Again there is no mention on the website of the option being extended. The imposition of RPI from 2009 is because the option was never accepted. It all seems to be done on nods and winks at Glasgow City Council.

Even if as, it says on the 12 December 2013 document that the option was created 1 April 2009, April Fool’s Day, this, like this Council is a joke. Firstly, are we to believe it took 2 years for the option to be drafted and secondly, if it was it should have been actioned then 3 years later on 1 April 2012, again it never happened.

Glasgow City Council appear to be making things up retrospectively to favour their ‘partner’ Celtic PLC.

Planning Corruption

As was pointed out in a previous post, when the planning Notification of Initiation document was submitted by Celtic, as applicant, and accepted by DRS, Glasgow City Council, as developer, the document was wrong. Under full name of owner, on 1st November 2013, it should have said Glasgow City Council since they owned the land since Celtic were not the owners.

DRS Initiation doc


It says on the Notice of Initiation that failure to submit the notice can result in enforcement action. Well what about submitting a document falsely? Are there any fines? The Notice of Initiation has to be re-drafted and start again correctly. It appears that due the spotlight being on Glasgow City Council and their dealings with Celtic they cannot scrutinize a form correctly.

When will the national governments in Edinburgh and London instigate a Royal Commission to investigate all the land dealings between Glasgow City Council and Celtic?

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3 thoughts on “More Corruption: Celtic’s Option on Primary School lapsed & Glasgow City Council extended it as favour

  1. Superb investigations….. Are Glasgow City Council actually being asked any questions by yourselves or anyone personally about these dubious dealings between them and Sellik?

    Posted by Robert Johnston | December 14, 2013, 11:03 am
  2. Why im i not surprised at glasgow council allowing this ,but then again we all know who and whats running the council

    Posted by trueblue | January 2, 2014, 12:34 am
  3. When it reads that this club are purchasing the CLEARED sites, does this mean that Glasgow City Council will demolish London Road School at their/ tax payers cost BEFORE this club buys it???. As has been proved many times over the years this club would not no MORAL or SPORTING INTEGRITY in any shape or form. Once AGAIN this club are trying to cover up wrong doings that they know is WRONG. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

    Posted by ronniepark | January 6, 2014, 10:43 pm

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