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Glasgow City Council extended option on London Road Primary School and there’s no paper trail

As stated in the previous post, on 12 December 2013, Glasgow City Council Executive Committee approved the sale of land around Celtic Park including an option on the London Road Primary School. 

LRPS Sale 12 12 2013


And as we saw according to the Council’s documents the option, for 3 years only, was given on an Executive Committee document dated 19 January 2007:

19 January option given on LRPS 3 yrs


That option to purchase the land by 19 January 2010 has lapsed.

Searching the Glasgow City Council website for ‘London Road Primary School‘ between 1/9/2006 (before the 3 year option given in 2007 above) and the current date, the following documents come up:

2006 till today LRPS search

The only document referring to the London Road Primary School after the 3 year option award on 19 January 2007 and 2013 is number 7. dated 11 December 2009. This is Celtic Football Club Masterplan which is 4 pages and the word ‘option‘ appears once with nothing to do with London Road Primary School.

Someone at Glasgow City Council without any committees approval or minutes gave Celtic another option on the London Road Primary School site after the original lapsed. There is no paper trail for this decision and agreement.

From the original option on 19 January 2007 until today, Glasgow City Council gave the option solely to Celtic. There has been no offer on the open market for almost seven years – it has been reserved for Celtic for seven years to find the money. Why did Celtic not buy it since it’s a steal? Also the Council’s concession of attaching a RPI increment? So when was that to start – from 1st April 2009 when the Council had already declared the option on 19 January 2007, so they give Celtic another 2 year discount. Something stinks badly and Celtic realise this – are they scared of an inquiry?

Celtic have not bought the property – they have just told the Council ‘they will when they are ready’. Glasgow City Council are Celtic’s puppets.

We are getting beyond local corruption and into EU State Aid issues which is currently hitting top Spanish football clubs like Real Madrid.

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3 thoughts on “Glasgow City Council extended option on London Road Primary School and there’s no paper trail

  1. Once Celtic develop that eyesore of an old school and surrounding area, It will look A MILLION DOLLARS! as an eastender, I,M DELIGHTED! so should all of Glasgow! including the up to their knees in it,(money troubled) Straw Clutching SouthSiders!

    Posted by Alexander | December 31, 2013, 10:29 am

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