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Only thing impaired at Westhorn appears to be the Price

Site of former belvidere hospital

Westhorn is next door to the Belvidere Village development

Notice the site just north of Westhorn, in the Glasgow City Council map above. It’s the Site Of Former Belvidere Hospital. Turns out that it’s being developed by Keir Homes and called Belvidere Village

A Google Earth map shows the Belvidere development roads next to the green Westhorn land as well as the Celtic Supporters Association (plus cocktail icon?):

Belvidere next to Westhorn land

Belvidere Village Development

Surely with the ‘impairment’ pulling down the price of Westhorn it would have affected Belvidere and there would only be a few houses? Have a look at the proposed development plan lodged with Glasgow City Council DRS in 2008:

Belvidere development plan 2008

Bring up Belvidere on Glasgow City Council search on this Link and open the first Drawing for the Proposed development..

The houses come from London Road almost to the River Clyde covering the whole site especially on the side next to Westhorn. That’s the road on the RHS beside Westhorn going down to the Allotment gardens. Yes there are allotments (see last graphic below) meaning Westhorn doesn’t go as near the river as Belvidere therefore Westhorn has less flooding risk/impairment.

Surely Keir Homes would just be building cheap homes on ‘impaired’ land. Check out their website:

Belvidere houses


Glasgow City Council Planning dept. obviously gave Keir Homes permission to develop the Belvidere site and there appears to be no impairment of the soil. Keir Homes don’t appear to have been required to re-mediate the site. Yet Glasgow City Council claimed there is impairment at Westhorn but without public evidence of the impairment being available.

Questions: What was the price Keir Homes paid for Belvidere? Celtic wanted this land but obviously didn’t want to pay above the price that Keir Homes paid. So if you don’t want to pay the residential price then you don’t get the land. The Greater Glasgow Health Board which sold Belvidere got it right. It appears to have been an open transparent transaction.

Someone please request FoI details from the GGHB on Belvidere price paid by Keir Homes. Link

How many Houses are on Belvidere?

According to a Glasgow City Council report by Development & Regeneration Services report dated March 2012Keir Homes had completed 214 units of a total of 459 units on 11.81 hectares:

heading Belvidere

Detail belvidere


So that is 459 houses on 11.81 hectares. Keep in mind Westhorn is 5.33 hectares, about half the size.


Westhorn valuation methodology

The section above is from the 15th June 2005 GCC Development & Regeneration Services (Property) Sub-Committee report which can be found using the GCC search and searching for Westthorn (note: not Westhorn) on the Link.

Note the methodology for valuing Westthorn (sic) says Celtic is obliged to a purchase based on open market value for residential purposes and values units between £22,000 and £26,000 and relates that to the Belvidere development.

So that would make the price range Keir Homes paid for Belvidere which is 459 units range from £10,098,000£11,934,000 for 11.81 hectares.

Assuming Westhorn land was of similar condition to Belvidere then that values Westhorn’s 5.33 hectares in range of £4,561,215 – £5,385,962. And surprise surprise this range includes Gerry Braiden’s article’s reported valuation figure of £5 Million. Link  Westhorn is worth £5 Million.

If Glasgow City Council used the same method and unit prices then giving Westhorn to Celtic for the price of £675,000 price means Westhorn 5.33 hectares can only hold 31 units versus Belvidere’s 11.81 hectares holding 459 units. And that means Glasgow City Council ‘imposed’ on Westhorn an ‘impairment’ of 85% – 87%, almost 90%.

Only thing impaired at Westhorn appears to be the Price

Belvidere Westhorn Allotments

If there was impairment on Westhorn then why have Celtic players been training for years on ground that might have been contaminated – several past players might want to get medical checks & talk to the PFA Scotland and their lawyers.

Also the bottom of Westhorn are allotments – has the Glasgow City Council been allowing residents to grow vegetables on contaminated land?

Would both Celtic and Glasgow City Council leave themselves open to damages claims? I don’t think so. Why would Celtic purchase land that is almost 90% impaired – you couldn’t do anything productive with the land without the cost of massive re-mediation/clean-up. Don’t think they would leave themselves open to such uncertain bills. The Co-operative Bank’s Risk Assessment dept. would not accept it as security but they would, if there is little impairment and the true value was £5 Million.

There appears to be very little impairment on Westhorn and this is being used as an excuse to cover up the discounted price.

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7 thoughts on “Only thing impaired at Westhorn appears to be the Price

  1. FOI request sent in addition to exsisting FOI requests for Lennoxtown….keep up the good work

    Posted by jim fraser | January 18, 2014, 12:42 am
  2. Have any of the rhags been sent this info? IS THAT A STUPID QUESTION?

    Posted by AB | January 18, 2014, 7:54 pm
  3. “Assuming Westhorn land was of similar condition to Belvidere ”

    There’s your problem right there, assuming. Is it? is it not? Some facts would be useful

    Posted by voiceofreason | January 19, 2014, 7:07 pm
  4. don;t know if this document is of any use to you it’s health and safety executive rules for developing near blast zones http://www.hse.gov.uk/landuseplanning/padhi.pdf

    Posted by gary platt | January 28, 2014, 10:26 pm
    • I understand Westhorn/Westthorn had a brickworks. Can’t find any ref in H&S doc about kilns, blast ovens or brickworks. Mentions ‘Major hazards comprise a wide range of chemical process sites, fuel and
      chemical storage sites, and pipelines.’ Nothing about brickworks. Not in same league as a refinery or iron works. I would be surprised if Celtic were training their players on a ‘chemical hazard’ site at Barrowfield for 40+ years – if they did it’s worse than we thought.

      Posted by footballtaxhavens | January 30, 2014, 10:50 pm

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