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Lennox Castle Hospital grounds had another development given outline Residential Planning granted in 2003

Certified Institution for the mentally Defectives

Lennoxtown has the Campsie Village development

The grounds of Lennox Castle were bequeathed to the local council in the 1840s by the Kincaid Lennox family. As can be seen above, Lennox Castle Hospital was for Mental Defectives. 

Lennoxtown has the Campsie Village development by Mactaggart & Mickel Homes which was part of the Lennox Castle grounds which as they say ‘is conveniently positioned within easy driving distance from Glasgow (12 miles)‘. The houses are described on the website:


The Kirkintilloch Herald on 10 February 2012 reports:

A FORMER hospital could soon be home to 76 new houses. Health chiefs have been given the green light by planners to develop land at the former Lennox Castle Hospital site, in Lennoxtown. The application was made by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, with developers Mactaggart and Mickel lined up to complete the project’s first phase.


However when was Outline Planning permission granted? It was 2003. Well East Dunbartonshire council kindly posted a Housing Land Audit dated 31 March 2012. And what does it say about the Lennox Castle Hospital development. No doubt the development is on the former hospital grounds then: 

East Dunbartonshire planning Lennox Castle


For Lennox Castle Hospital development by Mactaggart & Mickel there are Phases 1A, 1B, 2, 3 and 4. Phase 1A was passed Detail Planning and the other phases were given Outline Planning approval in 2003. So all phases were approved in 2003. Three years before Celtic PLC bought their training ground land.

The report has the following legend:

ELS means (Established Land Supply) – An entry in this field shows that the site is part of the Established Land Supply. The year indicates that the site has been continuously considered part
of the Established Land Supply since then.

EFF(Effective Land Supply) – An entry in this field shows that the site is part of the Effective Land Supply i.e. that development is anticipated from the site over the next seven 5 years. The year indicates that the site has been continuously considered part of the Effective Land Supply since that date

Therefore these developments on Lennox Castle Hospital ground have been regarded by East Dunbartonshire council as part of their Established Land Supply and Effective Land Supply since 2003.

So precedence has been established that Lennox Castle Hospital land should have been valued at Residential. It wasn’t agricultural. It wasn’t green belt.

Note: Owner says PUB which means it’s still owned by the NHS and Mactaggart & Mickel is only the builder. Still there should be an agreement between the NHS and builder that could under a FoI supply some interesting details.

So it’s residential land and the land should have been priced at that level and Celtic paid that price if they wanted the land.

Interestingly on the Wikipedia entry for Lennoxtown the entry says:

In December 2005East Dunbartonshire Council‘s Planning Board approved the outline planning application to develop the training facilities on the site.[2   The link says “”‘Game On’ as Council grants planning permission for Celtic’s Lennoxtown training facility””East Dunbartonshire Council. Retrieved 13 October 2007.[dead link

Unfortunately East Dunbartonshire council has deleted that link. Hmmm

So when Celtic signed the Lennoxtown agreement in 29 June 2006 – it had outline planning permission.

There are several FoI questions to ask the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde on the Mactaggart & Mickel venture:

What are the commercial details of the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde/Mactaggart & Mickel joint venture?

How was/is the land valued that has been rolled into the venture? Who valued it & what methodology was used?

To the NHS/Greater Glasgow & Clyde the FoI should ask about the Lennoxtown sale:

When did the consultations start with Celtic & when exactly was the decision made to sell Lennoxtown to Celtic PLC?

Were there any lobbyists for the Celtic proposal that met with the Greater Glasgow Health Board – East Dunbartonshire council, MPs or MSPs? Please list meetings and persons attending.

Was it an open & transparent tender to other buyers or solely only to Celtic? If only Celtic why was this the case?

Can a copy of the valuation be obtained and/or the valuation methodology & who performed the valuation as well as any impairment details which may have impacted the valuation?

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4 thoughts on “Lennox Castle Hospital grounds had another development given outline Residential Planning granted in 2003

  1. The net is closing in on them my friend , it time the village media in this country started to investigate this corruption .

    Posted by Samsungblue | January 22, 2014, 11:39 pm
  2. Reblogged this on McMurdo Media.

    Posted by billmcmurdo | January 23, 2014, 1:18 pm
  3. The removed link states the following:

    “East Dunbartonshire Councillors have granted Celtic the outline planning permission they need to develop the upper site at the former Lennox Castle Hospital.

    The Council’s Planning Board approved the application last night (Tuesday), believing that it would help bring ‘physical, economic and social benefits’ to the area. The application includes:

    · a training academy
    · hostel accommodation
    · six full size UEFA football pitches & 5 a-side area
    · a goalkeeping area & a warm-up area

    Leader of East Dunbartonshire Council, John Morrison, welcomed Celtic’s interest in Lennoxtown. He said, “The Council’s Planning Service has worked closely with Celtic over recent weeks to progress this application and has shown real efficiency. This decision is an important step forward for the Club. I’m sure that East Dunbartonshire’s residents will be excited at the prospect of such an ambitious development in their area.

    “I’m also advised that Celtic will be bringing a significant presence into the community and will assist local young footballers to improve their skills which will be very welcome.”

    Outline planning permission agrees the principles of the development and will be followed by consideration of the full planning application from the Club for phase 1 of the proposed development. This will need more details including a transport assessment for the site, a tree survey and drainage information.

    Local Councillor, John Dempsey, is looking forward to working with Celtic and their agents on a project that could bring massive changes to the 18.8 hectare upper site which has lain vacant since the hospital closed in 2002.

    He said, “This is a very significant local site which the community wants to see developed in a positive way and they are eager to see these proposals become a reality.”

    Celtic’s Chief Executive, Peter Lawwell, commented, “”This is excellent news and a very positive step forward. Lennoxtown is presently our preferred location for our new training facility and we hope to make a decision within the next few months.”

    Ends (328 words)

    Contact: Claire Robertson, Public Affairs, 0141 578 8167
    Date: Wednesday 21st December 2005″

    Find it here:


    Posted by Big Joe Canoe | January 23, 2014, 2:45 pm
  4. FTH, Well done again,Can,t be long now? WHO DO THEY START TO INVESTIGATE?

    Posted by AB | January 23, 2014, 6:03 pm

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