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Lennox Castle Hospital was Brownfield: Tale of Two Planning Decisions on One Site

Ghosts Lennoxtown

The photo above was of Lennoxtown just after it the buildings were cleared. This looks like a Brownfield site but to East Dunbartonshire council this is Greenbelt. You are now entering the parallel world of East Dunbartonshire Planning.

However in a report created for the 18th April 2006 East Dunbartonshire Planning Board meeting doc to discuss approving the Lennoxtown development it admits it is Brownfield land while adding in another contrivance that the Celtic PLC training centre development is compatible to Greenbelt because it is ‘a leisure/recreational development‘ while also mentioning the ‘proposed housing development‘ of Mactaggart & Mickel on the same Site, Lennox Castle Hospital:

In this regard, although the site is in the green belt, it is Brownfield land and therefore the principle of a leisure/recreational development alongside the proposed housing development to the north of the hospital site is considered to be acceptable and green belt compatible.

This concise paragraph, summarising the whole situation, is under Application: TP/ED/05/1179

PROPOSAL: development of a training academy, training pitches and groundsmans accommodation (in detail)

SITE: Lennox Castle Hospital, Lennoxtown, Glasgow G65 7LB

And what is the next Application on the same planning agenda in the same meeting: TP/ED/05/0535

PROPOSAL: residential development totalling 76 units, provision of access, including bridge and roundabout in Glen Road, open space and landscaping

SITE: Lennox Castle Hospital, Lennoxtown, Glasgow G65 7LB

Same Site. Both applications are approved by the councillors listed in the minutes.

So in the same meeting, a Brownfield site, has one part of the site upgraded to Residential making it more valuable while the other part of the site is downgraded to Greenbelt to make it less value to sell.

Looks like there was a bit of horsetrading going on between the NHS and East Dunbartonshire council. Questions: Why was the whole site not Greenbelt? Why wasn’t it all Residential?



A training centre of a professional football club run by a Public Limited Company that trains players to trade for £10’s of millions and to win UEFA European Champions League payments of £10’s millions is a ‘Leisure/Recreational’ centre?

So it’s open to the public all year round to use the facilities whenever they want  to have a game of five-a-sides or have a fitness session? Unfortunately according to VisitEastDunbartonshireThe Celtic FC Training Centre is closed to the public, unless a pre-arranged visit/appointment has been arranged.

That must be why the training centre is surrounded by fences and security – to keep the public out?

In the parallel world of East Dunbartonshire Planning, a Brownfield site can be either Greenbelt or Residential or in this case both and Leisure/Recreational sport now means Professional/Profit-Making sport.

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15 thoughts on “Lennox Castle Hospital was Brownfield: Tale of Two Planning Decisions on One Site

  1. these decisions were made years prior to Celtics interest in the land at lennoxtown, but lets not let facts get in the way of your own propoganda

    Posted by N Shawcross | January 29, 2014, 7:37 pm
  2. Have you intrepid sleuths investigated this deal? Glasgow council gifted land around Ibrox to rangers for free?



    Posted by voiceofreason | January 29, 2014, 11:33 pm
    • Voiceofreason, I’ve read your posted article several times and at no point did I read that the GCC have gifted, given, presented, handed over or done a deal benefiting Rangers illegally. The buildings on this land were among the worst slums in Glasgow. They were knocked down before they fell down in preparation to build a council approved complex that included one of several nationwide Casinos. If you want to read more about it you will find that an American business man would have been the main benefactor (his franchise, his idea) with David Murry’s Rangers getting some financial rewards for their investment, but the plans were scrapped when Gordon Brown and his happy clappers thought it might encourage gambling and damage the community. Only Manchester got Government permission to build but as yet nothing has been constructed. So infact no land as yet If this is the best retort to some of the information posted on this sight then you need to do more research. While doing so try looking for the facts, unlike some of your Green tinted colleagues in the Scottish media who just seem to make things up.

      Posted by Scott Macboy | January 30, 2014, 2:10 pm
      • Thanks for the response but may I ask a quick question, who has the deeds for the land gifted to David Murray by Glasgow city council and, as the supercasino did not go ahead should it be handed back? I’m worried that cynics might say that “scandal” of Celtic PLC underpaying for land may be dwarfed by one of RFC just getting land for free under false pretences.

        Lets all hope that none of the good people ever have regrets for opening the “cans of worms”of football land deals.

        After all , the only thing that matters is truth will out.

        Posted by voiceofreason | January 30, 2014, 11:05 pm
      • Voice, please feel free to start your own blog on Rangers land deals. Seems you’ve got the motivation and WordPress & FoI is free. Sorry I am mining a deep rich seam on Celtic at the moment and have not hit any impairment in fact the seam is getting wider & wider so will plough on. Getting distracted reading ‘Whataboutery’ comments, maybe that’s ‘The Cunning Plan’? – in future will delete any immediately before reading.

        Posted by footballtaxhavens | January 30, 2014, 11:24 pm
  3. Oh no, more dodgy deals!


    Land Bill could hand £50m Princes Mall to David Murray for just £2.60


    Posted by voiceofreason | January 29, 2014, 11:49 pm
  4. Will be instructive if you choose not to publish above comments, are you serious about investigating dodgy deals or is it this whole site merely a hit job on Celtic

    It’s your credibility on the line not mine

    Posted by voiceofreason | January 29, 2014, 11:57 pm
    • FTH thanks for letting voiceofreason? post, cheered me up no end

      Posted by jim fraser | February 3, 2014, 1:34 pm
      • Voiceofreason, I think you need to read your answer again as it proves what this web site has been saying for a very long time now. The Labour council gifted public land a private body/ individual. In this case it may or may not have been David Murry (NOT RFC). Had the Casino went ahead I’ve no doubt that Rangers would have had to buy Murry’s share off of him like Charles Green did with Edmiston House.
        Other questions need answering here though, who did the demolition? who paid for the landscaping? And how many other times have the Council “gifted away public lands. I know of at least another 2 land deals that are very favourable to Mr Murry. Stop seeing a blue or Green mist every time something goes against your club or favours Rangers. Take a step back and look at the facts “ALL OF THEM”. The council may have thrown Murry a bone but it was practically a fossil, not the succulent meaty land deals placed in front of their favourite family team.

        Posted by Scott Macboy | February 4, 2014, 9:39 am
  5. Voice of Reason appears to be getting a little anxious. Don’t worry though, I’m told Celtic and GCC are about to find themselves in a whole lot of bother very soon. In fact, you can put your dodgy mortgage on this about to blow up in the faces of those involved.

    I’m told Johann Lamont the Scottish Labour leader has her Doomsday scenario statement prepared already.

    Wonder if Dodgy Pete at Land Deals FC knows what;’s about to come?

    Posted by Billy Collins | January 30, 2014, 11:18 am
  6. 4 comments from you…obsessed or whit!!!!

    Posted by BlueStu | January 30, 2014, 1:44 pm

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