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More Verification on Westhorn Land

Gateway classification

Verification no.1

The map above is from the Clyde Network Green Network Strategy document created in 2007 by Land Use Consultants. It was prepared for Glasgow City Council, South Lanarkshire Council, Scottish Enterprise, Communities Scotland and the GCV Green Network. So the document is endorsed by all those bodies.

Westhorn in Yellow is classified as  ‘Occasional inorganic & organic contaminants‘ – that is low contamination. While the Commonwealth Athletes Village at the river bend is classified as Blue which means ‘Elevated concentrations of inorganic/organic contaminants‘ – which means high contamination.  The Commonwealth Athletes Village had much more contamination than Westhorn.

So when Glasgow City Council want to show their ‘Green environmentalcredentials there is little impairment however, also in 2007, when they want to show their ‘Green Celticcredentials the impairment was suddenly higher to make a ‘valuation’ lower for a sale. Suddenly there’s an 84% impairment.

Who would you trust – Land Use Consultants whose document in the public domain & whose reputation is backing the document or Glasgow City Council that keeps a Geotechnical document hidden from repeated FoI requests?

I hope when Glasgow City Council cleared the land for the Commonwealth Athletes Village they re-mediated the soil, dug it up & replaced it with clean soil. And that the residents living close by were advised to remain indoors & keep their windows closed?

Verification no.2

Fields Westhorn

The aerial photograph above was taken in 1952 of Belvidere Hospital in the foreground and just beyond is the Westhorn land and the neighbouring property is fields as was stated in the previous post, a dairy farm.

It’s just fields and fields ….

I would like to thank the persons who sent both pieces of information above. 

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11 thoughts on “More Verification on Westhorn Land

  1. ho ho ho ho ho how the fook can they get away with 84% reduction in price yet the athletes village is built on contaminated land.

    Posted by drew p cock | February 6, 2014, 1:11 pm
  2. I googled contaminated land sold in Glasgow and came across a file from sepa.org unfortunately it’s not on a web page it just goes straight to a pdf file but it states that

    4.6 Public registers
    The Contaminated Land (Scotland) Regulations 2000
    set out what information local authorities are required
    to place on a public register. This information relates
    the location and extent of any formally determined
    contaminated land sufficient to enable it to be
    the name and address of the person who claims
    they have carried out remediation;
    a description of anything claimed to have been
    done by way of remediation and the period within
    which it is claimed each activity was performed.
    Appendix B contains a list of local authority addresses
    where the public register relating to the contaminated
    land regime can be viewed.
    The prescribed information for special sites where
    SEPA is the enforcing authority, please go to the
    appropriate regional office for the area in which the
    contaminated land is situated.

    couldn’t find glasgows public register of contaminated land online but to give an idea of what is in a register here is an entry from aberdeenshire

    1 Former Blackdog Landfill
    Pollutant Linkages:
    Leaching of hydrocarbons
    and percolation through the unsaturated zone to
    Pollution of controlled waters is occurring.
    Migration under gravity of free phase hydrocarbon from wastes deposited in the
    unsaturated zone and floatation of free phase hydrocarbon to the water table from wastes
    deposited below the water table. Solution of hydrocarbons to
    from light
    non-aqueous phase layer.
    Pollution of controlled waters is likely to occur

    glasgows public register is situated at

    Glasgow City Council
    229 George Street
    G1 1QU

    Posted by gary platt | February 7, 2014, 12:44 am
  3. More SEPA documentation at


    I can feel some FOI’s being required to understand GCC engagement with this agency

    Posted by Big Joe Canoe | February 7, 2014, 9:51 am
  4. After looking at the first map (clyde gatway) I found it strange that there was no designation at all on the Commonwealth Games retail & leisure park land next to the Sir Chris Hoy Velodrome, yet I seem to remember and argument last year between the Council and the developer over a contaminants report or lack of? http://www.urbanrealm.com/news/4148/Commonwealth_Games_retail_%26_leisure_park_put_on_ice.html Lazy Developer or Council pre-occupied with covering their other dodgy dealings?

    Posted by Scott Macboy | February 7, 2014, 10:16 am
  5. is this of any use http://nora.nerc.ac.uk/18009/1/GlasSoilOR08002.pdf

    urban soil geochemistry glasgow

    Posted by gary platt | February 7, 2014, 1:06 pm
  6. This is interesting as well


    Posted by Big Joe Canoe | February 7, 2014, 4:12 pm
  7. http://nora.nerc.ac….SoilOR08002.pdf
    At the top of page 40 there is a table relating to Westhorn suggesting that the land contains Bismuth.
    This is a general geotech report as far as I can make out and not done for the land valaution as far as I am aware.
    When I checked this substance out on wikipedia it seems to be a heavy metal with little toxicity.

    Posted by Toad | February 11, 2014, 11:23 pm

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