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Lawwell’s knockbacked first offer for Lennoxtown was £42,000

NHS GGC have been busy releasing documents relating to the Lennoxtown Initiative and the Celtic transaction that up until now have been hidden. Been going through them but two documents stand out.

Celtic’s Measly Offer Knockbacked 

This is a copy of a letter from Tom Campbell, Chief Executive of the Lennoxtown Initiative to Peter Lawwell. His name was reacted but the title of the document is210305 Letter Chief Executive Lennoxtown Initiative to P Lawwell Celtic FC – upper site former LCH_redacted‘ so that made it hard to work out who it was addressed to.

The letter is a polite knockback since the £42,000 ‘draft offer was not the basis for a positive way forward for the purchase of the land’:

knockback letter


NHS Solicitor Knockback letter

When I originally looked at this letter I thought it was a legal bill for £42,000 that was being knocked back but it was Celtic’s offer:

NHS lawyer knockback1

NHS lawyer knockback2

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2 thoughts on “Lawwell’s knockbacked first offer for Lennoxtown was £42,000

  1. i may be getting the wrong end of the stick here, according to this document they were expecting to get £7 to £8.5 million for the lennox castle hospital site it says £3.5 to £5 million for the sale of the lower site after £1.9 million demolition costs have been deducted so just say they got £3.5 million for it after deductions then that would be total of £5.4 million which is £1.6 million short of £7 million they were expecting so surely the upper site would of been worth £1.6 million or as I said am i getting it totally wrong


    Posted by gary platt | February 26, 2014, 8:16 pm
  2. hah so they wanted to steal the land for a pittance and used community benefit and other such bampottery as leverage for their derisory offer .

    Posted by george dickson | February 28, 2014, 5:07 pm

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