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NHS advisers thought Celtic had ‘a strategy’ for ‘Greenbelt’ Lennoxtown and Lennoxtown Initiative were working for Celtic.

Celtic’s fight against NHS Clawback provisions

NHS Property sales must have a Clawback provision built into any land sale in order that the NHS benefit if the land is sold on. Another document released by NHS GGC, shows how Celtic fought so hard not to have this inclusion that advisers, Tom Campbell CE of the Lennoxtown Initiative (and author of this document) and the NHS Board solicitor & the External Property Adviser advised the NHS GGC Board via the Chief Executive and the Director of Finance not to go ahead if Clawback wasn’t included. The advisers were of the opinion that this

‘strengthened our view that Celtic have a strategy which sees some kind of development in the Upper site at some point in the future which has a higher value that (sic) that being proposed’

Adviser recommended sale not to go ahead

Lennoxtown Initiative was compromising NHS negotiations and working for Celtic

Same document as above goes on to show that the Lennoxtown Initiative was undermining the NHS land sale negotiations with Celtic. The Lennoxtown Initiative had already agreed in principle to a SLA with Celtic as well as trying to pull down the Clawback provisions.  The adviser says that ‘the Initiative’s intervention could have an impact on the risk associated with clawback and a potential receipt to the NHS‘.

Adviser LI 1

The Lennoxtown Initiative were threatening the NHS with the East Dunbartonshire Council having a £1 option on the hospital land which would then be transferred to the Lennoxtown Initiative and then to Celtic. The adviser said ‘I regard this as an attempt by the club (Celtic) to circumvent conditions which are designed to protect the public asset and potential receipts to the both the Initiative and the NHS.’

The author of the letter, Thomas Campbell, also has taken advice from the NHS Board’s legal adviser to block the threat of the £1 option.

The Lennoxtown Initiative stands completely compromised with it’s background dealings with Celtic by Thomas Campbell, who was a NHS GGC representative on the board.

Who in the NHS thought the Lennoxtown Initiative was a good idea and who gave the EDC the possibility of the option in the first place?

Adviser LI 2

Adviser LI 3

Thanks for the Vanguard Bears in doing a lot of the legwork in this exercise.

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One thought on “NHS advisers thought Celtic had ‘a strategy’ for ‘Greenbelt’ Lennoxtown and Lennoxtown Initiative were working for Celtic.

  1. I think the ultimate end game is very clear celtic are becoming ”
    land speculators! (but without the risk).Get land at ridiculous cheap prices and if the area around them is ‘gentrified’ due to the commonwealth games they can sell the land at enormous profit based on a tiny purchase price – and our press will say well done haven’t you been very clever and insightful.

    Presumably it will be very similar at lennoxtown. They have already made noise about problems with drainage etc – possibly building a case for moving to commonwealth games facilitates nearer their stadium, paid for by glasgow council tax payers (and no doubt needing adjustments at the cost to glasgow council tax payers) for which they will pay a derisory rent in the basis that they will do lots of work in the community. Then sell the lennoxtown for house building.

    Posted by W Ross | February 28, 2014, 4:21 pm

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