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Health & Safety Executive blasts Westhorn ‘unknown’ zone & GCC valuation to bits

Site of former belvidere hospital

The map above shows what Glasgow City Council sold to Celtic FC in April 2009 when they bought Westhorn. Now lets re-visit the GCC valuation method which came on a FoI reply:

Westhorn Valuation

Note the last bullet point immediately above which reduces the total area of 13.5 acres by almost half, 6.5 acres, so you would expect ‘the previously unknown blast zone‘ to go across almost half the Westhorn Recreational ground.

Have a look at the Health & Safety Executive zone map, below, for John Dewar & Sons Ltd, Westhorn’s neighbour, and where the blast zone originates:

HSE zone map

Does that go almost halfway across? It barely makes it a third across the running/cycling track never mind half way across the main area.

The Glasgow City Council sale happened in April 2009. What Approval date does the HSE map say? 27/05/2008. ‘the previously unknown blast zone’ looks a lot smaller.

Did GCC Planning even check with the HSE in April 2009 before the sale? Doesn’t look like it.

No value is attached to blast zone land but it does have value. Offices/carparks can be built on it just not residential. However the GCC gave even that away for free.

The Health & Safety Executive evidence destroys another of the lies at the heart of Glasgow City Council’s cut price deal when they sold the Westhorn Recreational land to Celtic FC. The valuation the GCC calculated is unravelling.

Thanks to the engineer & PZJ that dug these facts up.

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One thought on “Health & Safety Executive blasts Westhorn ‘unknown’ zone & GCC valuation to bits

  1. Here’s some info on the zones:

    Outer (blue) dangerous dose of thermal radiation for vulnerable people (500 tdu);equivalent to 4.9kw/m2 exposure for 1 minute.

    Middle (green) dangerous dose of thermal radiation for average members of society (1000 tdu);equivalent to 8.2kw/m2 for 1 minute.

    Inner ((red) significant likelihood of death (1800 tdu);equivalent to 12.8kw/m2 exposure for 1 minute.

    Posted by frankd | April 2, 2014, 2:11 pm

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