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GCC was informed of the HSE zones in 2008. Why then expand them when selling Westhorn in 2009?

We saw the Health & Safety Executive zone map for John Dewar & Sons Ltd, Westhorn’s neighbour, which had the three tdu (Thermal Dose Units) zones:

HSE zone map

In the HSE response to Glasgow City Council on the John Dewar & Sons planning application during June 2008:

08/00221/DC | Use of warehouses, bottling hall, cased goods store and tank farms for storage of ethanol (110,000 tonnes) | 1700 London Road Glasgow G32 8XR

Found using the GCC planning link and then downloading the HSE letter which is the second bottom document.

The HSE letter says:

‘On this basis, HSE has concluded that the risks to the surrounding population arising from the proposed operation(s) are so small that there are no significant reasons, on safety grounds, for refusing Hazardous Substance Consent.’

‘In it’s assessment, HSE has taken into account the information that the individual cells of the warehouse will provide at least 30 minutes fire resistance.’

In applying to the HSE for Hazardous substance consent they produce the three risk zones map:

Hazardous substance consent

So the GCC knew the size of the HSE zones.

Why then did the GCC expand the zones given to them in 2008 to appear the land was worth less when it came to selling Westhorn to Celtic FC in April 2009?

The above came courtesy of Mr Canoe. Keep paddling.

HSE planning letter 1

HSE planning letter 2

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