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After 7 years EDC Planning finally enforces a Major Planning Condition of Lennoxtown

After years of intransigence against residents complaints, East Dunbartonshire Council has decided to grow some balls and enforce a major condition of planning approval being awarded to Celtic plc for the development of Lennoxtown. The requirement was that Celtic plc build an access road to the training facility. This has not happened yet.

Lennoxtown opened in October 2007 so it’s taken EDC almost 7 years to enforce what was a Major Condition of planning approval.

As highlighted in a previous post, East Dunbartonshire Council had already given Celtic plc two free passes over 6 years and it looked like they were just allowing Celtic just to re-surface to existing rat-run single track road but 40 residents have had enough of the 400 journeys per day haring through their idyllic ‘green’ rural neighbourhood.

As one of the neighbours says in the Daily Record on April 27 2014:

How the club got the go-ahead for the ground without their own road in place is beyond me.

On training nights, there can be up to 50 vehicles coming down this narrow road at 9pm, including 55-seater buses. It’s an accident waiting to happen and we’ve had near misses.

Does the offender receive a fine or charge for the use of the road for 7 years – none.

But contrast this what happens to a normal person, in this story, that deviates against EDC planning – your house will be demolished and you get the bill.

Again, it can be seen that the original planning approval, TP/ED/05/1179, in the 18th April 2006 EDC report, that the transport evaluation was crap:

‘Strategic Policy 3 refers to the strategic management of travel demands. A transport assessment has been submitted indicating that there will be no adverse impacts upon the local road network from this development and that sustainable means of transport will be encouraged through a Travel Plan.’

East Dunbartonshire Council stands condemned that it has taken 7 years to enforce a major condition of detailed planning approval and they have sat on their hands for all this time and risked the safety of the local residents.

Again I reiterate that these traffic patterns are not ‘Greenbelt compatible’ no matter how the EDC chose to define them. And the lack of enforcement of planning conditions for that period and the subsidisation given by EDC for non-enforcement can be seen as State Aid.

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One thought on “After 7 years EDC Planning finally enforces a Major Planning Condition of Lennoxtown

  1. Just read an article in The Sunday Mail (26/10/2014).
    This was titled Celtic Get Home Win stating that Celtic have won the right to use a ‘temporary’ access road at their training ground, as a pemanent route, after a a sucessful appeal to the Scottish Government. East Dunbartonshire Council had previously rejected this bid from the club.

    Posted by Bobby | October 26, 2014, 12:00 pm

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