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WSHA used HMRC District Valuer & Thought They Were Compromised in Land Dealings with Celtic. WSHA now in Arse Protection Mode.

wsha land sold to cfc dec 2013

The map above is the land Celtic used as security in December 2013 to prop up their Co-operative Bank loan & overdraft. This was the subject of a previous post. The red area on the RHS is the West of Scotland Housing Association (WSHA) land which was transferred to Celtic.

A WSHA Committee Briefing document dated 20th January 2014, excerpted below, highlights several points on their view on the process which resulted in the land transfer to Celtic:

1. WSHA suddenly became aware of the EU State Aid case against Celtic which seems to have spurred them to protect their arses in case they are pulled into the investigation.

2. WSHA used the local District Valuer (DV), a branch of the HMRC, as a valuer/agent which you would expect would work solely for the WSHA but according to the document there appears to have been ‘a history between this individual DV and Celtic’ such that compromised their dealings with Celtic. This is highly important since, at one point negotiations take place in private with the DV & the Celtic agent completely un-minuted. It looks like the DV, instead of stating & defending the WSHA case, acted like a mediator moving the case toward Celtic’s and rolling over in negotiations.

3. Another Site Investigation document disappears like the Westhorn Geotechnical document of GCC. Seems to be a pattern of documents disappearing.

Using the DV should have provided WSHA with piece of mind that they were getting a professional neutral negotiator but it looks like WSHA were facing Celtic, Shadow Secretary of State Margaret Curran and the DV on the other side.

The DV naturally would have a lot of contact with Glasgow City Council being the largest city in Scotland therefore their transfers of land including the ones to Celtic, to such an extent that ideally, local DV personnel should have been substituted by others from down south to prevent accusations of familiarity.

Given that the HMRC’s Scottish tax investigation team case leaking of Celtic main rival, Rangers, tax case details, contributing to the latter’s witch-hunt in the main stream press including BBC Scotland, it doesn’t seem a coincidence that here is another branch of the Scottish HMRC, the office of DV, also appearing compromised.

Note Again: This dodgy land was used as Security for Celtic’s dodgy Co-operative Bank loan & overdraft. End to end this transaction stinks and deserves investigation.

The WSHA land discussed above was not the only parcel of land that was transferred to Celtic in December 2013. The GCC sold land that was previously owned to the WSHA and Compulsory Purchase Order.

How GCC & the DV contrived not to return that land to WSHA and re-direct that land to Celtic is the subject of the next post. This corruption runs deep and the digging is now mining the mother lode.

Many thanks to pzj, The Engineer & several others for the source material.

WSHA Committee Briefing document 20th January 2014

wsha 2 1

wsha 2 2

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3 thoughts on “WSHA used HMRC District Valuer & Thought They Were Compromised in Land Dealings with Celtic. WSHA now in Arse Protection Mode.

  1. Brilliant guys, I particularly like the last paragraph and look forward to the next exiting instalment of “Celtic in the Shit” What does seem to be emanating from this web of lies is that some of the difficulties RFC had with HMRC involve the same bodies that are bending rules to assist Celtic. Sooner or later someone in the press is going to stand up to Peter Lie-a-lot and print what’s being uncovered here. And what the feck has happened to the David Murray’s Police investigation into Tax Leaks? What are the Police doing?

    Posted by Scott Macboy | May 29, 2014, 1:28 pm
  2. Was any of the land properly marketed as required under EU state aid rules ?

    Posted by Alan Parker | May 29, 2014, 3:03 pm
  3. Margaret Curran is on BBC question time tonight and you can send question via text on this number 83981.

    Posted by Alan Parker | May 29, 2014, 3:28 pm

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