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Timing is Everything: Lennoxtown Initiative was set-up way before approval of NHS GGC Board given in how land sale proceeds would be used.

The Lennoxtown Initiative (LI) was set-up as a charity company, company number SC221335, on the 18th July 2001 by the three amigos:

NHS Greater Glasgow

East Dunbartonshire Council

Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire

Why then was the land only declared surplus with the DAS letter date 9th April 2002 and permission for the scheme only sought from the NHS Greater Glasgow in October 2002?

If the Lennoxton Initiative was created in July 2001 the three parties must have been discussing the proposal before 2001, say in 2000. Would they set-up the LI without knowing they were getting the income from the Lennox Castle land – highly unlikely given the costs of meetings & lawyers and gaining official permission. Things don’t move that quickly, especially without getting official approval, in public authorities. And definitely where 3 public authorities are concerned across different turfs & responsibilities.

Lennoxtown Initiative incorporation certificate dated 18th July 2001

cert of incorporation LI 18 July 2001

DAS Letter Declaring Land Surplus dated 9 April 2002

DAS letter surplus land 090402

NHS GGC Board paper dated 22nd October 2002

NHS GGC board paper 22nd October 2002

How did the 3 parties know that the NHS GGC would agree at least 2 years ahead of time? Was it all set-up & they knew there would be no problems – that would take a lot of collusion.

This is why the Tripatite Agreement between the EDC, NHS GGC and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire is important. When was it first discussed, who were there, and who approved of the agreement & who signed it? Remember 3 public bodies drew this up and are now hiding it.

Again an excerpt from the LI Memorandum & Articles of Association proving the EDC, NHS GGC and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire were acting way in advance:

Membership LI

As mentioned in a previous post, the LI was a financial disaster.

Note the last sentence in the first paragraph in the Introduction of the NHS GGC Board paper above:

‘The objective of the pooling arrangement is to maximise the proceeds the disposal of the former Lennox Castle hospital site within the context of the Lennoxtown Initiative’.

There never was an intention to maximise the proceeds right from the start. Lennoxtown Initiative was never going to be another Kirkintilloch Initiative which returned £10s millions.

Celtic FC approached the NHS. The land was never marketed openly & transparently. Just like the Lennoxtown Initiative was set up way in advance of official permission being given. Sounds like the taxpayers of Scotland were set-up well in advance too.

How did Celtic FC find out & especially when in the timeline above & who told them? Was it EDC, NHS GGC or Scottish Enterprise. Was it officially minuted & authorised?

How could a company like the Lennoxtown Initiative get official permission to be set-up from the East Dunbartonshire Council, NHS Greater Glasgow and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire and their higher managements way before it was needed? Was the land going to be marketed earlier then when Celtic FC came along the marketing was shut down?

Sounds like this will be another FoI to NHS GGC.

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2 thoughts on “Timing is Everything: Lennoxtown Initiative was set-up way before approval of NHS GGC Board given in how land sale proceeds would be used.

  1. There ALL GUILTY AS CHARGED. No time off for good behaviour.The same suite as Coulston.

    Posted by AB | June 25, 2014, 4:43 pm
  2. good luck with the investigation

    Posted by dave | July 13, 2014, 7:55 pm

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