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What services did EDC get from the Celtic SLA, especially in first 2 years when payments to Celtic were highest?

Lennoxtown opening 9 oct 2007

As the graphic above shows Brian Quinn, chairman of Celtic opened Lennoxtown on the 9th October 2007.

That’s funny because the two largest payments to Celtic under the Celtic SLA came during the first two years of the nine year Celtic SLA:

£329,001 for the year ending 31st March 2007 from the NHS GGC payment into The Lennoxtown Initiative that they received from Celtic PLC’s purchase of Lennoxtown

£253,000 for the year ending 31st March 2008 from the Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire payment into The Lennoxtown Initiative [presumably from funds received from the Scottish & UK taxpayers]

Well isn’t that incredible that even before Celtic have finished their training centre in October 2007 that Celtic have the time & facilities to deliver £329,001 worth of Celtic SLA ‘services’ by 31st March 2007. 

Also that in the six months after opening Lennoxtown in October 2007, Celtic can deliver another £253,000 of Celtic SLA ‘services’. Even though new operations and a new building takes months to bed in, they found the time.

[Note: All this and even today, 7 years after opening, Celtic still haven’t delivered road access into Lennoxtown which was a major condition of planning approval. Amazing what they can and cannot deliver]

East Dunbartonshire Council knows what was in the Celtic SLA and what was delivered

The thing is with SLA’s, even ones written in 2006, normally services delivered, are measured using KPIs – Key Performance Indicators, usually by an independent party, and if the services don’t match what was defined & paid for in the SLA then there consequences for the service deliverer. Any public body which is accountable, not only to local ratepayers but Scottish/UK taxpayers, would have to track what was it was getting?

Who were the services delivered to? Well that would be East Dunbartonshire Council, their residents, schools, sports clubs etc. The EDC was a founder of and was also represented on the board of The Lennoxtown Initiative that signed the Celtic SLA. Presumably the council have details what was promised to be delivered, the outcomes of the Celtic SLA. 

And as the recipient of the services of the Celtic SLA then EDC or an independent party reporting to them, should have measured the deliverables received? [Audit Scotland could have performed the role of auditor? Did they?]

It really was an amazing feat for Celtic to deliver £582,001 worth of services while running normal club operations, transferring training operations to Lennoxtown in those two years, especially when the training facility was only up and running 6 months during that period. And out of the nine years the Celtic SLA operated these two years had the highest payments.

The Lennoxtown Initiative Minutes

I would like to show excerpts of The Lennoxtown Initiative board minutes relating to the Celtic SLA. The website holding the minutes has been erased but with archive.org you can retrieve snapshots of websites which have been archived.

To help this link takes you straight there.

Dec 2007 minutes heading

SLA1 Dec 2007

So at this point in December 2007, even the two local schools never mind the rest of the schools in East Dunbartonshire have received no services under the Celtic SLA.

Apr 2008 minutes heading

SLA1 Apr 2008

In April 2008, none of the local Boys Clubs have received any services under the Celtic SLA.

June 2008 minutes heading

SLA1 Jun 2008

In June 2008, it appears that the Celtic SLA has not been delivered in any school in East Dunbartonshire.

Aug 2008 minutes heading

SLA1 Aug 2008

August 2008 and the schools programme hasn’t even started but it is being ‘worked up’.

Oct 2008 minutes heading

SLA1 Oct 2008

At last by October 2008, services are being delivered. Two Boys clubs are getting access to the training facility on Wednesday nights. Three primary schools shared two days. Plus Eight secondary schools got a access for a day.

Dec 2008 minutes heading

SLA1 Dec 2008

Looks like schools cannot use the training facility because the kids cannot be transported there. So at December 2008 what was being delivered under the Celtic SLA?

Need to FoI the EDC as to what was delivered under the Celtic SLA

As can be seen from the above minutes, there seems to have been very little delivered under the Celtic SLA till December 2008. Remember that £582,001 was spent on the Celtic SLA till 31st March 2008 and 9 months later the same situation was still happening.

We need the EDC to:

1. Tell the public what services were to be delivered in the Celtic SLA? What targets were defined and what was the timing of delivery in the SLA

2. What services were actually delivered to East Dunbartonshire residents & organisations in each of the years of the Celtic SLA’s operation from 2006 until 2014 for receipt by Celtic PLC of the payments.

3. Was there an independent body auditing the deliver of the Celtic SLA services and the need to view their reports or the detail contained in those reports.

Only by East Dunbartonshire Council satisfying the public interest for the details above can the taxpaying public be reassured that something untoward was not happening with this ‘scheme of arrangement’. From looking at The Lennoxtown Initiative minutes that looks a very hard ask.

FoI address for the EDC is foi@eastdunbarton.gov.uk

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6 thoughts on “What services did EDC get from the Celtic SLA, especially in first 2 years when payments to Celtic were highest?

  1. Absolutely shocking stuff going on .This needs exposed in media now

    Posted by John murray | July 23, 2014, 10:12 am
  2. don’t know if you have seen this but it relates to lennoxtown upper site


    Posted by gary platt | July 24, 2014, 10:53 am
  3. Have you thought of contacting David Conn at the Guardian, i’m sure he’d be very interested to read these!

    Posted by Robert Hutchison | July 27, 2014, 4:27 am
  4. If you think the Scottish media or British media are going to comment on any thing that’s decrementel to Celtic that would be wishful thinking what journalists is going to put there job on the line and take on the godfathers of football there quite happy picking up on Rangers failings where they all feel safe.

    Posted by Duncan mc phail | November 14, 2015, 7:10 am

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