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The Lennoxtown Initiative had ‘in principle’ Service Level Agreement agreed with Celtic before Lennoxtown sale

LI agree in principal to Celtic SLA prior to Oct 2005

The excerpt above comes from a NHS GGC [NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde] document entitled Updated Report for CE and Dir Fin – former Lennox Castle Hospital.

Although undated, this document under the NHS GGC list of documents relating to the Sale of Land at former Lennox Castle it can be placed in a timeline. It’s after Celtic made their derisory £42,000 offer & was knocked back on 21st March 2005 and before the sale was approved on the 17th August 2005 because there are still arguments between NHS GGC and Celtic over ‘Clawback’ provisions if Lennoxtown was developed. 

The letter is from Tom Campbell, CE of The Lennoxtown Initiative who was appointed by NHS GGC and although he appears to want no part of the ‘in principle service level agreement’, he was also a director of The Lennoxtown Initiative and boards make decisions as a group. Plus the NHS GGC senior management cannot claim deniability of knowledge of the Celtic SLA.

Here we have the smoking gun that the ‘in principle service level agreement’ was agreed in 2005 before Lennoxtown was sold to Celtic. The charity, The Lennoxtown Initiative, and Celtic had an ‘in principle’ Service Level Agreement set-up in advance and in all likelihood contingent in the sale of Lennoxtown being successful. Not much point in the arrangement if unsuccessful.

I really hope that Audit Scotland investigate this corruption & fraud since it is part of the EU State Aid case and would look very amateurish that nothing was done until the EU acted first.

Full Document

Update report 1

Update report 2

Update report 3

Update report 4

Update report 5

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2 thoughts on “The Lennoxtown Initiative had ‘in principle’ Service Level Agreement agreed with Celtic before Lennoxtown sale

  1. always having trouble in discussions,then BINGO, get it for a song.Thats the RC way.

    Posted by AB6 | August 26, 2014, 7:45 pm
  2. What concerns me most is what Celtic have planned for the rest of the land unused in this sight “A small housing estate me thinks”. If that is the case then large building firms should have been included in the initial tendering process. EDC would have received a lot more cash and Lennoxtown could have got better public services possibly another school and even sporting facilities that the local people could “actually use”. At the very least they would have got a proper road. Something Celtic still hasn’t provided.

    At this point I reflect back on Rangers troubles and how they were accused through EBTs of depriving hospitals and Schools of much needed facilities through their tax avoidance and now Celtic look like they could be guilty of a similar crime through the more underhanded use of a so called charity. Utterly disgusting!!! I know good Celtic people who will be ashamed of what appears to have happened here.

    Posted by Scott Macboy | August 27, 2014, 10:21 am

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