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Someone at NHSGGC specifically directed the funds received from Celtic from Lennoxtown back to them under the Celtic SLA

Restricted funds

The above is an excerpt from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator [OSCR] report Scottish Charity Accounts ‘An Updated Guide to the 2006 Regulations’ on how Restricted funds i.e. money allocated by a donor to a specific project has to be reported in the charity’s annual accounts.

Note the sentence:

‘Restricted funds are funds that can only be used for the particular purposes specified by the donor’.

The charity is The Lennoxtown Initiative. The donor in this case is NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde [NHSGGC]. The Project is the Celtic SLA.

NHSGGC directed the funds received for Lennoxtown back to Celtic

LI 2007 Incoming Resources

Here we have in the Annual Report of The Lennoxtown Initiative for the year ending 31st March 2007 the allocation by the NHSGGC of £464,333 to the Celtic SLA. Under the Restricted column.

This is the payment made by the NHSGGC in November 2006, a mere 5 months after Celtic paid the NHSGGC £493,000 at the end of June 2006 for Lennoxtown. They could hardly wait any time. 

Someone in NHSGGC ensured Celtic got those funds by designating them Restricted. This wasn’t the funds going into The Lennoxtown Initiative charity general funds and then being allocated by the charity’s board. A public body that received receipt of the sale of a parcel of public land directed those funds back to the purchaser all within 5 months of the sale.

Remember previously, we got the reply from NHSGGC that they did not have a copy of the Celtic SLA. So we have a public bodies specifically directing funds to an agreement they have not retained a copy of, the Celtic SLA.

It seems very suspicious that Tom Campbell, Chief Executive of The Lennoxtown Initiative, and NHSGGC’s director on the board distanced himself from the Celtic SLA and yet we have someone in NHSGGC directing the funds back to Celtic.

I would like to see the following FoI sent to NHSGGC:

The agreement with the Lennoxtown Initiative was for the NHSGGC to pass the charity the funds received from the sale of the Upper site of Lennox Castle Hospital. Someone in the NHSGGC specifically directed that those funds be allocated to the Celtic SLA project. Only the donor, NHSGGC had that ability.

Did the NHSGGC know this occurred? Does this not appear fraudulent to the NHSGGC when the funds obtained from the purchaser are being returned to the same party all within 5 months of settlement?

Which manager/dept/committee within the NHSGGC specifically directed the amount of £464,333 in November 2006 into the Celtic Service Level Agreement(Celtic SLA) 5 months after the Lennoxtown settlement?

When was the meeting to approve the funds being directed to the Celtic SLA? Was the meeting minuted? If it wasn’t a meeting was there a memo? Can we have a copy of either document?

Under which authority did the manager/dept/committee operate when redirecting the said funds from the sale of the Upper site of Lennox Castle Hospital directly back to Celtic via the Celtic SLA?

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One thought on “Someone at NHSGGC specifically directed the funds received from Celtic from Lennoxtown back to them under the Celtic SLA

  1. WELL DONE. A lot of sleepless nights for some people.DEEPER AND DEEPER into the smelly stuff.

    Posted by AB6 | September 23, 2014, 8:48 pm

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