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The Lennoxtown Initiative charity didn’t deliver one of it’s founding projects, the Integrated Health Centre but did have plenty of funds for the Celtic SLA

LI Project List Oct 2002

The Lennoxtown Initiative, formed as a charity in 2001 had high aspirations, initially at least. Above is their list of projects for regenerating Lennoxtown from October 2002. The page comes from the Tripartite Agreement between Greater Glasgow Primary Care NHS Trust, The Lennoxtown Initiative and East Dunbartonshire Council now listed on the NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde FoI page.

As can be seen there is no Celtic SLA which cost a total of £884,167 but there is Project 2: Integrated Health Centre costed at £800,000.

No Mention of Celtic SLA by The Lennoxtown Initiative Chief Executive in March 2008

In March 2008, after The Lennoxtown Initiative had paid Celtic under the Celtic SLA, £329,001 from the NHSGGC by end of March 2007 and £253,000 from Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire, a total of £562,001 [and more that the cost of Lennoxtown land to Celtic], the new Chief Executive Brian McAleenan gave a presentation to NHSGGC. (Source doc) Here is a list of key projects that he says The Lennoxtown Initiative are working on:

Brian McAleenan preso to NHSGGC March 2008  

The Celtic FC Academy had already been delivered and opened in October 2007. Well I thought NHSGGC sold the land to Celtic and they built the training centre themselves so why is the Celtic FC Academy claimed by The Lennoxtown Initiative charity as a Key Project?

However on bullet point three, 6 years later from when it first appeared, the Integrated Health and Community Facility, is still on the list but yet to be ‘Established’. You would have thought the NHSGGC funds that they received from Celtic would have gone into an ‘Integrated Health’ facility as priority since they have National Health Service in their name? However, as we know the funds went directly into the Celtic SLA.

But what project is missing from the list? Where is the Celtic SLA which had been running for 2 years [well had 2 years payments] and would go on for another 7 years? There is no mention in this presentation by Brian McAleenan. Been dropped/hidden for some purpose.

Lennoxtown Initiative Minutes

From the 2010 Lennoxtown Initiative minutes we can get an idea of the Initiative’s momentum and how far the ‘Integrated health and Community Centre’ project has ‘progressed’ since 2002.

LI mins 2010 1

Entry from 1 March 2010 minutes. Translation of the paragraph: ‘Let’s keep talking & look as if we’re doing something when we’re doing nothing’. Still looking for the ‘overall vision’.

LiI mins 2010 2

Entry from 10th May 2010 minutes – They still haven’t found a site. This is 8 years since the project was no.2 on the priority list.

LI mins 2010 3

Again an entry from 10th May 2010 minutes. ‘a detailed scoping study exercise requires to be undertaken’. They don’t even have the scope of the project defined yet 8 years after first listing.

Lennoxtown Community Hub

Lennoxtown community hub

The above comes from The Scottish Futures Trust – Hub Project Listing February 2014 report. The first date is when the project started and the end date is April 2015. The Scottish Futures Trust delivers public infrastructure and surprise surprise East Dunbartonshire Council is paying for the project. 

So eventually Lennoxtown is getting it’s Integrated Health and Community facility (‘Hub’). It’s only taken 13 years and The Lennoxtown Initiative doesn’t appear to have anything to do with it’s delivery. However they did ‘deliver’ the Celtic SLA project over 9 years with the funding from NHSGGC, East Dunbartonshire Council and Scottish Enterprise Dunbartonshire.

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