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NHSGGC Board only approved that Upper Site funds were to create a Lennoxtown Integrated Health Centre but were directed to Celtic SLA

Following on from the previous post on the non-delivery of The Lennoxtown Initiative’s key project – The Integrated Health Centre more details of the corruption of the charity has come out.

NHSGGC agreement to fund the Integrated Health Centre



The above are from the paper issued to the NHS Greater Glasgow Board on 22nd Oct 2002 seeking permission to use the land sale proceeds of Lennox Castle Hospital to fund an Integrated health Centre.

The NHSGGC board accepted this submission based on the commitment excerpts highlighted above.

Tripartite Agreement Establishment document – Integrated Health Centre Project No.1

Tripartite Agreement Project 1 Integrated Health Centre Aug 2001

The above is from the Tripartite Agreement establishing The Lennoxtown Initiative and signed by NHSGGC and East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC). See Project 1 Integrated Health Centre at the top of the list. Budgeted for but not delivered.

Why when NHSGGC management agreed with their board that funds would be prioritised for an Integrated Health Centre for the socially deprived area of Lennoxtown did they formally direct the funds that Celtic PLC paid back to Celtic via The Lennoxtown Initiative charity via the Celtic SLA?

As we’ve seen before the Integrated Health Centre had to be funded directly by the Scottish Government.

Seems strange that the NHSGGC Board didn’t follow through and audit what was happening at The Lennoxtown Initiative when they had CE Tom Campbell and a representative Director on the board when this was happening.

It would be funny that the EU and who they relied upon, the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills (containing Celtic Director Lord Livingston) to clear Celtic for the GCC land deals now have to look at the mounting evidence of corruption at Lennoxtown.

The EDC claims they don’t know anything, like Sergeant Schultz, about the services delivered under the Celtic SLA. Very funny since they were supposed to be delivered in your schools. Can anyone just turn up at schools and try to deliver services without permission?

Have the recycled bins at the EDC been full of shredded paper recently. No Celtic SLA agreement, no services delivered in East Dunbartonshire and also no Integrated Health Centre.

Don’t worry the NHSGGC, EDC and Scottish Enterprise dealings with The Lennoxtown Initiative over the ‘Celtic SLA’ are being investigated. The money for the Upper Site as agreed with the NHSGGC Board was only approved on the basis that the funds were to ‘be fully allocated’ to replace the Lennoxtown Clinic with a primary care facility. They weren’t and in the background the money was directed by someone at the NHSGGC to the Celtic SLA.

All the parties are trying to hide behind The Lennoxtown Initiative charity but they had a responsibility to follow the public funds as stated by Audit Scotland.

Drip drip drip – don’t you love democracy.

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One thought on “NHSGGC Board only approved that Upper Site funds were to create a Lennoxtown Integrated Health Centre but were directed to Celtic SLA

  1. So the EU used the UK Department of Business Innovation and Skills to investigate Celtics Land deals with GCC. Isn’t it just typical that the EU were a bit lazy or too simple to check the business interests of the department they had asked to look into the corruption accusations. Didn’t they know that part of the reason they were being asked to examine this case instead of UEFA is that Celtic also have a Board member on UEFAs fair play committee. You really couldn’t make this shit up. Lets hope that Round 2 is more successful than round one. May be with some success with the Lennoxtown scandal the GCC case will be re-examined because anyone with an impartial eye can see that something stinks here.

    Posted by Scott Macboy | November 24, 2014, 10:37 am

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