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Corruption at The Lennoxtown Initiative charity: Who on the Board illegally steered NHGGC payment to Celtic SLA?

NHSGGC FoI reply on paymentNHSGGC Payment ledger entry

Above are:

1. A reply to a FOI which asked NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC) what were the payment instructions, in November 2006, on the £463,000 payment to The Lennoxtown Initiative charity which was most of the money Celtic paid NHSGGC for the upper site at Lennoxtown in June 2006.

2. A copy of the NHSGGC Ledger Payment details from their accounting system.

Remember these funds were directly allocated, in the charity’s Annual accounts ending 31 Mar 2007 (see below), to the Restricted Funds of the Celtic Service Level Agreement (SLA) thus completing the circular allocation from Celtic back to Celtic within 5 months.

The Lennoxtown Initiative perpetrators couldn’t even leave time for the trail to go cold for a year or two. Celtic must have really needed the money to help fund something? Hmm suppose it’s only a coincidence that the development of their training centre was being built 2006-2007 and was opened in October 2007 by Celtic Chairman Brian Quinn – now working at the heart of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

LI 2007 Incoming Resources

As can be seen NHSGGC acted honestly and directed the funds into a general account of The Lennoxtown Initiative. Hence someone on the board of The Lennoxtown Initiative directed the whole £463,000 into the Restricted Fund of the Celtic SLA.  

However as per Charity Regulations below only the DONOR can allocate that funds go to a Restricted Fund. The Donor in this case being NHSGGC but as the FoI reply and payment details above show they didn’t.

Restricted funds

NHSGGC say they did not direct the circular corrupt payment and their evidence proves that. So who on the board or management of The Lennoxtown Initiative directed the Upper site payment back to Celtic using a charity?

Celtic cannot say they don’t know anything about the Celtic SLA – they agreed an in-principle SLA agreement with The Lennoxtown Initiative before they bought Lennoxtown (link). Where the principle appears to have been get out money back as quickly as possible.

As we saw before Audit Scotland is digging through all the minutes, payments and accounts as well as the supposed services delivered via the Celtic SLA. This started in November 2014 and was supposed to be completed mid December 2014. Well the job is a bit bigger and Audit Scotland is still digging.

The net is closing in on the corruption within a charity funded by public authorities which was used to favour Celtic which gave them their money back for Lennoxtown. Result being that they ended up getting their training centre land for free with a little bit on top to pay for the development.

What a joke on UEFA that Brian Quinn, who was at the head of a Celtic board that negotiated the Celtic SLA and obtained their training centre for free, is now in charge of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play.

Brian Quinn FFP1

Next we’ll have Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley heading the HMRC’s investigation into the Ingenious tax avoidance film partnerships.

Lawwell Riley Inside Track 3 LLP

The FoI elves are still digging and they’re mining a rich seam of corruption.

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4 thoughts on “Corruption at The Lennoxtown Initiative charity: Who on the Board illegally steered NHGGC payment to Celtic SLA?

  1. As the Disney song goes ” we dig dig dig dig the whole day long” – keep up the great work of un-masking these hypocrites.

    Posted by Steve Brindle | February 21, 2015, 12:18 pm
  2. Keep up the good work! C****c have been getting away with this stuff for far too long. Hopefully the msm pick up on it although I wouldn’t hold my breath.

    Posted by Jim Torbett | February 22, 2015, 10:44 am
  3. Hoping this investigative work bears fruit. Hopefully Audit Scotland will clarify what is quite simply breathtakingly staring us in our faces. Your work brothers in digging up this corruption is awesome.

    Posted by camnod | February 22, 2015, 3:24 pm

    Posted by AB6 | February 28, 2015, 7:56 am

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