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The Lennoxtown Initiative annual report confirms Celtic SLA agreed before land sold to Celtic.

LI Annual report Celtic SLA agreed early 2006

The excerpt from The Lennoxtown Initiative Annual Report for year ending 31st March 2007 establishes without any doubt that Celtic PLC came to an agreement with The Lennoxtown Initiative in ‘early 2006’ that the board of a charity would funnel funds from the sale of the Lennox Castle Hospital upper site to Celtic back to them. This was before the sale of the land which occurred in June 2006. 

In witness thereof Tom Divers

Creation of initiatives to address issues such as racism

The laughable claim made in the annual report paragraph is that Celtic would deliver ‘initiatives to address issues such as racism’. Maybe they should have run the same course at Parkhead and they wouldn’t have had one player Aleksandar Tonev convicted by the SFA for racism and Leigh Griffiths on police charge of racism for singing ‘Rudi Skacel’s a fucking refugee’ (as were the rest of the Hibernian fans in the bar – but they’re not racists?) and still to front the SFA Disciplinary committee.

Tonev show racism the red cardGriffiths A club like no other

Still as Charlie says:

Charlie Mulgrew admits We are the same

Why was £329,001 paid to Celtic under the Celtic SLA before their Training Centre was opened?

The excerpt from the charity’s annual report for year ending 31st March 2006 also says:

‘The service provision will commence once the training facility which Celtic plc is establishing in Lennoxtown is operational’.

Now Lennoxtown was opened October 2007 so why was £329,001 paid to Celtic before 31st March 2007?

LI 2007 Resources Expended

The £329,001 was 84% of the amount Celtic paid on 29th June 2006 and they got it back before 31st March 2007 just 9 months after paying for Lennoxtown. No reason has been given for this payment by The Lennoxtown Initiative charity and as the board admits the Celtic SLA hadn’t even started.

It’s still winter but the muck spreading in the fields of Lennoxtown are already raising such a terrible stink.

The Celtic Service Level Agreement a SLA like no other.

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