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footballisfixed tries to fix up Rangers and ends up fixing up Celtic

Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster Nietzsche

We introduce another Rangers hater. In chasing these guys you get an appreciation of how it affects police paedophile hunters who can only work for short periods. You look into the darkness of these people souls and worry about the resentments they are carrying through life, how they might spill over.

In the last 24 hours we have had this guy threatening to expose Rangers and hawking a story to the MSM both on his twitter handle @footballisfixed :

fif2 fixed

and on his blog:


Note: He’s since update that he’s running away from the deal but this was original post:

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Glasgow Rangers, The Scottish FA, UEFA Champions League And Tax Issues

We have permission to offer all European Mainstream Media a colossal story relating to Glasgow Rangers, the Scottish FA, the UEFA Champions League and certain tax issues relating to HMRC.

We have robust and watertight documentary evidence on all these matters.

The outcome could see Rangers stripped of titles and even Celtic moving to a different league.
Some jobs will be lost.

We are seeking an exclusive outlet.

Contact us either by Direct Message @FootballisFixed on Twitter or by email at footballisfixed02@googlemail.com.

The Offshore Game and Tax Justice Network behind footballisfixed

On 7 May 2015, footballisfixed fell out and exposed the Rangers haters behind the information being hawked to the media. It was an organisation called The Offshore Game, part of the Tax Justice Network

footballisfixed 7 May 2015 post on his blog:

footballisfixed offshore game 1

footballisfixed offshore game 2

footballisfixed offshore game 3

footballisfixed bigoted tweets and posts

This new hater is not your usual bhoy, he very intelligent and therefore more dangerous. We’ve been watching him operate for a while and tracked him down. He’s from Manchester and working in sports performance, prediction & tries to track matchfixing through examination of patterns divined from gambling betting data. Only thing is he has a sideline hating Rangers with a vengeance. The bile flows freely from his blog posts and tweets. No wonder he uses a pseudonym because the paranoia is enough to get him sectioned.

Naturally, since he’s from a mathematical background, he believes those theories operate in real life. When imperfections occur, whether it’s Rangers surviving or referees making the wrong decision, he sees it as a gross deviation from the certainty of his statistical models therefore his only escape is to claim hidden hands are controlling these outcomes.

He consults with football clubs (Celtic being one which we discuss below because of his observations) and football league authorities which in his blog he castigates as being corrupt. Not sure if those authorities & referees will like being defamed. Don’t worry we have stored his rants.

It didn’t take much detective work to find this guy so either he wanted to be exposed or the hatred & disgust overflows from him having to put on his professional face that it just spills over into his tweets & blog post. It’s his only outlet that keeps him sane? Let’s take a look at his works of art & peer into his heart of darkness.

Hun tweets

Here are @footballisfixed sectarian tweets:

fiF hun

The latter points to his Irish heritage. Now the next tweet demonstrates his British hatred, loves Manchester, signing off with the Celtic traditional Hail Hail:

fif british by misfortune

Considering this guy was born in Britain gained all those benefits from the British taxpayer, not the Irish taxpayer, it shows the schizoid nature of these ‘plastic paddies’ of their hatred for the people who helped his development.

He shows the same tendencies of the Pakistani 7/7 bombers in harbouring resentment while taking from the UK public purse for safety, accommodation, welfare & education, the bounty of which does not appear to quench the fire of hatred burning with these people.

Footballisfixed believes his models allow him to divine the certainty of how when a result doesn’t turn out as predicted that someone has corruptly affected the result, there’s no room for randomness in his world.

footballisfixed drops Lawwell, Celtic and UEFA mole right in it

Note his posts have been saved so footballisfixed can delete all he can to erase his history. It will remain. He drops Peter Lawwell, Celtic FC and a contact in UEFA who helped him tip Celtic FC that UEFA was watching their fans in the Cliftonville ECL qualifying games in July 2013, in the proverbial shit.

He has this great post titled: Celtic Schisms, Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Original link was:


which has been deleted but can now be found under: 


It’s been archived. Just scroll down to the 31 December 2013.

Here footballisfixed gets the possibility of a consulting job with Celtic, where for 5 days in September 2013 he’s to work to get them into the ECL knockout stages, unfortunately the contract is dropped because Peter Lawwell is worried they might find ‘internal issues’ relating to Dermot Desmond’s ownership, then for 10+ years, of both Celtic FC and Betdaq, a betting company, taking bets on Celtic’s domestic and European games. At the time Mr Desmond had no conflicts of interest going by in-action by the SFA/SPFL.

If you don’t want to see a train wreck look away now. All quotes from the post are indented:

For five days in September, I had the very best job in the world – a high level consultancy with Celtic to enable passage to the 2nd Phase of the Champions League this season.

Unfortunately Peter Lawwell, in his own heroic way, pulled on the deal.

The holistic of the consultancy was to protect Celtic against corruptions that occur to undermine the strategies of the club in the Champions League.
The irony of the failure to conclude the agreement is obvious.
We are a cellular grouping of forensic analysts revealing corruptions and Celtic are a football team owned by a bookmaker, Dermot Desmond (Betdaq supremo).

We have been informed that it was deemed too risky to proceed with the consultancy in case we came across internal issues in our monitoring of the external.

He also said that a contact in UEFA informed him & he passed onto Celtic that:

We originally approached Celtic when we were informed via a contact within UEFA that the European governing body were going to be taking a very close look at the Champions League Qualifier between Cliftonville and Celtic in case any politics were seen in the UEFA sphere.

Thus pre-warning Celtic to tell their Green Brigade not to display banners of a terrorist nature, sing IRA songs or let off flares. Who was the insider in UEFA giving footballisfixed warning? Is this not both parties fixing an outcome for Celtic?

He also says, in 2013, that Peter Lawwell wanted to ‘cleanse’ his supporters to ‘optimise European performance and cashflow’. So Lawwell has had the Irish republican revisionism for a couple of years:

Part of my discussions with Lawwell centred on this very point – he understands totally that the fans are the biggest asset of the club but wishes to cleanse them of their history to optimise European performance and cashflow.

He also gives Celtic advice about the Bobby Sands banner that it should have been Mandela, it’s a better brand choice of terrorist:

When the club were being punished by UEFA for displaying political imagery, why didn’t the hierarchy point out the equivalence between the politics and strategies of Sands/IRA when compared with Mandela/ANC?

then he goes on about the Desmond/Betdaq link:

We have NO evidence of inappropriate fixing of Celtic matches due to Desmond/Betdaq link but this is a structure that should generally be regarded as one being primed for shenanigans.

And we are always wary of bookmakers that, like Betdaq, do not allow winning accounts as, after all, if you are not allowed to win off a bookmaker then the business interaction is something else entirely!

There must be occasions when Desmond’s personal financial focus is different to that of the club…
… and this must be a concern.

When board members and club agents are known to bet on Celtic matches, is it invalid to express concern that people higher up the hierarchy might conceivably share a similar inclination?

Bigot Exposed

For all his education, he is not very bright since we found his name: Jeremy (Jerry) Bullivant.

His blog has been going awhile and has been archived on archive.org including his blogger details:

jb exposed 1


jb exposed 2


Jerry Bullivant


Industry:Investment Banking

Occupation:Financial Market Analyst

Location:Triklino : Kerkyra : Greece

About Me

I am a Financial Market Analyst and Professional Gambler and I undertake extensive high level Consultancy Projects for clients ranging from Investment Banks and Hedge Funds to Government Departments and Bookmakers. My postgraduate research has been in Astrophysics and Economics. I also founded and managed Bop Communications Record Company and I own Dietrological (A Football Information Provision Service for Professional Traders and Analysts). I was Editor of Light Curve Astronomical Journal and was Assistant Editor of The Astronomer magazine. I was a founder member of the Manchester Cell of The Animal Liberation Front.

In fact verifying the animal liberation front details. He had to be rescued in November 1981 by the boys in blue and made the front page of the then Glasgow Herald. After his ordeal he was ‘mumbling and having difficulty walking’. Looks like he’s remained that way ever since :




Inquiries need to take place

UEFA need to find the mole that pre-warned Mr Bullivant, who then warned Celtic that they would be scrutinized in July 2013. This is not how fair sporting competitions work. Was it Mr John Delaney, bigot IRA songster of the Irish FAI looking after his soulmates? This casts bias on UEFA that all teams are not playing on an even field in their competitions.

SFA/SPFL and UEFA need to examine what Peter Lawwell and Celtic Board feared concerning Celtic FC and Mr Dermot Desmond’s Betdaq betting company could be discovered as allayed in Mr Bullivant’s blog.

English FA and The Referees Association need to look at all Mr Bullivants tweets and blog postings about refs and matchfixing.

Rangers need to be aware legally what Mr Bullivant of Manchester and Stockport is hawking to the MSM and refer their defamation/libel lawyers to his rants.

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3 thoughts on “footballisfixed tries to fix up Rangers and ends up fixing up Celtic

  1. Reblogged this on Rangers Supporters Loyal.

    Posted by Merlin | May 5, 2015, 7:26 am
  2. Bravo…

    Great digging and I just wish that people in power would take a closer look. Sadly, we all know that’ll never happen.

    Posted by David | May 5, 2015, 10:44 am
  3. Just watched a show on the beeb called the fall of labour in which a labour led council in Coatbridge helping their Catholic friends in way of contracts way back in 1992 maybe something there that could help in way of shining a bit more light on the goings on between cfc gcc and edc

    Posted by Thebear82 | June 24, 2015, 1:02 pm

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