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Celtic are the Clinton Foundation’s stooge to front opening of football ground and hide their dodgy Haitian deals.

Tony Hamilton Haiti cutting ribbon

This the picture of Tony Hamilton, CEO of Celtic FC Foundation cutting the ribbon to open Celtic Park Haiti on September 11, 2015 but the park should have been called Dodgy Clinton Foundation Deals Haiti.

Remember it was said that a secretive philanthropist was behind the football/soccer pitch’s re-development well it’s Bill Clinton and his email hiding wife, Hilary’s foundation, the Clinton Foundation, that is behind the donations which were used to fix up the Haitian pitch.

After the Haiti earthquake 2010, Bill Clinton was made responsible for USAID’s, America’s development organisation, re-development in Haiti but normal Haitians have not seen much of the funds or benefited from the infrastructure repair works. There was suppose to have been a Phoenix football stadium built with involvement with the Clinton Foundation but no stadium has been built. The Solino ground is a distraction from the Phoenix mess to the media.

With the Clintons persona no grata in Haiti they couldn’t have turned up to cut the ribbon, been booed and possibly caused riots. Not a good look for a charitable foundation which is currently under the spotlight for possible dodgy influence peddling in the US so let’s wheel in Celtic FC as a front to hide dodgy dealing. No laughing up the back.

Clinton’s connection with Celtic? Well that is through Dermot Desmond’s fellow Moriaty Tribunal, into corruption in Ireland, attendee Denis O’Brien. Digicel, Denis O’Brien’s mobile company has a licence in Haiti. Please read the transcripts of the Moriaty Tribunal on how Denis O’Brien got the ESAT Digifone licence in Ireland through remunerating the minister of communications, Michael Lowry. Not that there was any connection between the 2 acts, to be sure to be sure.

Denis O’Brien is a Celtic shareholder but that’s another post but guess where he holds the shares – top marks for those who answered a tax haven.

Denis O’Brien and the Moriarty Tribunal is described in this Bloomberg article:

Moriarty Tribunal DOB

Dermot Desmond funded O’Brien on ESAT Digiphone and took 20%, while O’Brien had 40% with Telenor the other 40%. When ESAT Digiphone was sold to O2 low & behold O’Brien & Desmond became multi-millionaires, skipped the country and Irish tax exiles in order that the Irish State not tax their ESAT Digiphone profits. Both O’Brien and Desmond are tax resident in tax havens avoiding tax on their billions.

From the same Bloomberg article it describes Clinton and O’Brien’s involvement in Haiti together:

Haiti Clinto Obrien

What a collection of characters: Bill ‘I never had sexual relations’ Clinton and both Moriarty Tribunal main actors Dennis O’Brien and Dermot Desmond. Oh what a tangled web they weave. And the Clinton Foundation but let’s hide behind the Celtic FC Foundation.

Clinton Foundations Phoenix Football Park and Influence peddling

From the foundations own website in 2011 a company called Delos Living was fronting the funds to re-develop the Phoenix football ground:

CF 2011 soccer pitch Delos

Both Delos Living and the Clintons are accused of using donations for influence

A September 2015 article describes the story:

Beacon 1

Beacon 2

Beacon 3

So because of the non-development of the Phoenix football stadium the Clinton Foundation needed another project to distract the attention away from the influence peddling accusation. Hence the Solino project.

Clinton helps Denny Bhoy make millions in Haiti

I could re-write this 2015 article but not improve on it. It shows what happens in Haiti & beyond with the Clintons and Denis O’Brien:

Denny 1

Clinton and OBrien

Denny 2

Denny 3

Denny 4

Denny 5

Clinton Foundation accused of soliciting donations for influence

Hilary Clinton, currently canvassing to become the Democratic Party nominee for the Presidential elections, is in trouble. While she was Secretary of State she could not solicit donations but it looks like Bill Clinton was and their have been allegations that those donations have rolled in with the prospect of influence at the State Dept and if/when she become POTUS, President of the United States. See here, here and here.

Also Ms Clinton is also currently in trouble for using her own un-encrypted email server setup in her bathroom while US Secretary for State. This has left classified (Top Secret) US Government emails exposed to foreign hackers and spooks. The FBI and Dept of Justice have been all over her emails – the ones she did not delete. See here, here and here.

It has been suggested that the reason she wanted a separate email server was to keep her private emails related to the Clinton Foundation at arms length from the US authorities. 

So all in all the Clinton Foundation needed to keep their head down as much as possible. Opening a football ground in Haiti would have re-focused accusations on the foundation. 

Celtic FC Foundation stands in for Bill Clinton who cannot show his face in Haiti

So here we have Celtic FC Foundation as willing participants in the coverup just to get their names in lights. All to cover up the dodgy dealings in Haiti by the Clinton Foundation and their celebrity connections.

Charitable organisations have to look after their integrity but in this case it only looks skin deep:

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