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FARE’s ‘unbiased’ Observers? Two UEFA journalists on the ground for the game at PSV in 2011 were Celtic fans

FARE has never declared any transparency as to who was their ‘unbiased’ observer who reported Rangers to UEFA  Without FARE declaring who he/they were their ‘unbiasedness’ cannot be verified. 

However we can verify that two UEFA reporters, both Celtic fans, were on the ground in Eindhoven, one of which reported for UEFA just prior to the game and the other one reported for UEFA on the actual game itself. Funny that that game would attract 2 Celtic supporting UEFA journalists.

They are:

Alex O’Henley, a Scottish UEFA reporter well known to Rangers fans as a friend of the bigot ‘tarred with a sickening sectarian brush’ Phil, and

Derek Brookman, a Scottish UEFA reporter resident in The Netherlands

Alex O’Henley

Here Mr O’Henley’s report on UEFA’s website on 7 March 2011 just 3 days prior to the game

Alex OHenley PSV report

His UEFA official Twitter handle is @UEFAcomAlexO

Alex OHeley UEFA twitter

Want to know where Mr O’Henley allegiances lie, here have a look at his first tweets after he joined Twitter in February 2012.

Three of the first 6 tweets are to the discredited bigot Phil 4 names in Donegal. And it’s Alex initiating the conversations.

He’s deleted all the Phil 4 names tweets below but they’ve been captured for all time:

Alex OHenley early tweets 2

As you can see his Twitter handle is @UEFAcomAlexO, his official UEFA twitter account (I don’t care if people say it’s their personal views – if you have UEFA in your handle and you work for UEFA then it’s official) and this is him communicating directly with a known sectarian bigot. And if it’s only personal why delete those tweets.

Just search Twitter for UEFAcomAlexO and see the sort of company he keeps online. He’s Celtic’s own UEFA journalist. 

He also has a personal twitter handle: 

Alex OHenley personal twitter

Alex’s Book ‘Forgotten Star’ promoted above as the avatar in his personal twitter handle had the Foreword written by none other than Brian Wilson, Celtic Director/IRA songster. They have been friends for many years both hailing from the Western Isles and speaking gaelic. Brian Wilson was Minister for Gaelic 1997-98. Here they are promoting the book at Parkhead with Murdo McLeod:

Brian Wilson Alex OHenley

Where does he do most of work now? Well he works for Andy Muirhead on Scotzine. You pinned your colours to the mast there Alex:

Alex OHenley on Scotzine

Derek Brookman 

UEFA’s  main report on the actual game on 10 March 2011 was written by Mr Brookman with no mention of any singing. Strange that someone from East Kilbride and educated in Paisley would have missed them but perhaps he kept them for FARE:

Derek Brookman UEFA PSV article 10 March 2011


Mr Brookman’s allegiances? Well here’s his Facebook page:

Derek Brookman FB 1




Derek Brookman favourities 1

Derek Brookman favourities 2

His favourites: Only Celtic as a sports team and Neil Lennon.

Mr Brookman’s twitter account:

Derek Brookman twitter handle

On Twitter he follows Celtic, Kris Common and CQN:

Paul Brennan

Bias in UEFA and FARE

Obviously a football journalist has to have a favourite team but like any journalist when there is a potential conflict of interest and lack of objectivity there should be a declaration of allegiances.

With Alex O’Henley especially being very close to the sectarian Donegal stirrer Phil there is the obvious inference that Phil used his influence on Alex and the links to Piara Powar, the head of FARE to concoct this fantasy ‘unbiased’ observer who sent a submission to UEFA. Alex is already inside UEFA. If this is the case then UEFA may have been dupped or worse, took part in the subterfuge. Is this fit up something Phil and Alex concocted one of the times they were having a pint in the Admiral Bar, HQ of the Pacific Quay CSC [Celtic Supporters Club)?

So it’s just a coincidence that FARE finds an ‘unbiased’ observer on the ground at the PSV Eindhoven game? I don’t think so.

Wonder if one these guys was the UEFA leaker to footballisfixed who warned Celtic that UEFA were going to be watching the Cliftonville game for IRA songs and to shut any possibility of them occurring?

UEFA is certainly not a level playing field for some teams. 

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