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Why is The Offshore Game not going after Barcelona for EU State Aid and Messi’s Tax Fraud? They are not the only ones posted missing.

Two High Profile Legal Cases involving Barcelona in Last Week

On the 4 July 2016 there should have been fireworks from The Offshore Game when the EU Competition Commissioner issuing a declaration that Spanish clubs including Real Madrid and Barcelona had to repay State Aid which was incompatible with fair competition:

EU State Aid Real Barcelona Althletic Bilbao Atletico Osasuna Valencia etc

EU State Aid Real Barcelona Althletic Bilbao Atletico Osasuna Valencia etc 2

But what was heard from The Offshore Game – tumble weeds blowing through an empty canyon. Zilch.

This Table from the 4 July 2016 EU PR release explains the charges for each team varying from lower tax rates, cheap land acquisitions (sounds similiar to another club?) and cheap loans (again similar to another club?):

EU State Aid Spanish Table 1

EU State Aid table 2

Then two days later, on Wednesday 6 July 2016, Barcelona player Lionel Messi and his father were found guilty by a Spanish Court of 3 counts of tax fraud:

Lionel Messi tax Fraud 1

Lionel Messi tax fraud 2

Lionel Messi tax fraud 3

Note the use of Tax Havens to hide Image Rights income.

You’ve got Football Teams, Football Players, Tax Havens, Tax Avoidance and Sporting Integrity and what do you get from The Offshore Game? All  the public got was a couple of RTs on their Twitter account about Messi. No blog/reports on the biggest football integrity cases in years.

But they can devote over a year, from May 2015, when they attempted to hide behind footballisfixed to their recent witch hunt on behalf of the Crowdfunded Resolution12 Anti-Rangers Party. All of which have had their arses handed to them by @Jas72Boyd on-line when all the members of CRAP ran away from his challenges to debate each of them on-line. Such is their belief in their case.

Nothing about the EU State Aid case which involved:

Seven Spanish teams including Barcelona, Real Madrid who have won the UEFA Champions League how many times? Barcelona 5 times, Real Madrid 11 times.

Real Madrid CF, FC Barcelona, Athletic Club Bilbao, Club Atlético Osasuna getting reduced Corporate Tax rate since 1990 for 25 years.

Real Madrid benefiting by €18.4 million from a transfer of state land.

State guarantees that almost certainly stopped Valencia, Hercules and Eiche going bust.

The advantages of those benefits are a lot higher than their actual monetary value. How do you value the latter 3 clubs surviving admin/liquidation? How many competitions have been corrupted over the years both domestically in Spain and in the UEFA competitions? Do I hear StripThe Titles from the Most Offended ‘fair-minded’ fans and The Offshore Game? No.

As well as being missing in their analysis of all the above, The Offshore Game’s website has been down for over 4 days. ‘Technical problems’ they say. Don’t think that is believable. The Offshore Game is an offshoot of the Tax Justice Network [TJN] and they would have decent network support as would any ISP hosting their website. Very strange unless it was an excuse not to write about the two cases.

And the TJN, who are they and what are their connections?

Tax Justice Network and their Connections

The TJN does a lot of good work tracking multinational abuse of the the international tax system and the prostituting of countries dropping their tax rates & sign tax agreements to attract Apple, Google and Amazon and their revenues. That’s what makes The Offshore Game look so amateurish.

Who are the principals of the TJN?

TJN people

The two guys responsible for The Offshore Game are, according to footballisfixed who named them on his blog out of spite when he fell out with them:

George Turner @georgenturner

Alex Cobham @alexcobham

However the key person driving the TJN is Richard Murphy. He’s a Professor of Practice in International Political Economy at City University London.

Richard Murphy

And who also teaches there, one Roy Greenslade, the Irish Republican, An Poblacht journalist and author of numerous Rangers hate articles in The Guardian and member of the Echo Chamber with Alex Thomson, Phil 4 Names, Angela Haggerty who RT to each other to convince social media that there is a story of some weight about Rangers when the weight is zero :

Roy Greenslade City Uni London

So now the Rangers fans know who is hiding in the shadows. Being forewarned is being forearmed.

Football Authorities also posted missing

There was also zilch from UEFA and the European Club Association.

Does the integrity of the game mean nothing to these football authorities? They put tomes out on Financial Fair Play and Matchfixing so why nothing about the EU State Aid going to these clubs? 

In 2012 EU Competition Commissioner Almunia and UEFA President Michel Platini put out a statement claiming that UEFA Financial Fair-Play rules in professional football are in line with EU state aid policy. Well if they were why aren’t UEFA talking about the 4 July EU Competition decision?

UEFA are not the only authority missing. Where is the European Club Association which represents all of the large football clubs including the ones that have been stiffed by Barcelona and Real Madrid and the rest. It’s like the banks being ‘Too Big To Fail’.

Are Barcelona and Real Madrid both ‘Too Big for Sporting Integrity’? 

So lots of organisations missing presumed corrupt and prejudiced by their bias and exclusion.

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One thought on “Why is The Offshore Game not going after Barcelona for EU State Aid and Messi’s Tax Fraud? They are not the only ones posted missing.

  1. In 2012, Spanish football clubs owed the government over 700 million euros in tax. Barcelona owed around £80 million and Atletico Madrid owed over £100 million. (Source: The Independent)

    Posted by Derek Black (@delbx3) | July 10, 2016, 8:39 pm

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