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No way was the Celtic EU State Aid case ever going to get a fair hearing by the EU Commission.

Wikileaks 2004 US Cable on Secretary Snow meeting Irish Politicians & Businessmen


Cable heading

On 15 November 2004, U.S. Treasury Secretary John W. Snow met:

Dermot Desmond

Charlie McCreevy [at the time EU Commissioner-designate and former Irish Finance Minister]

Ray McSharry [at the time former EU Commissioner and Irish Finance Minister]

Albert Reynolds [former Irish Taoiseach]

Padraig O’hUiginn [who was Charlie Haughey’s civil servant fixer where it was said “three Taoisigh worked under Padraig” rather than the other way around. Here’s Mr Desmond presenting Mr O’hUiginn with a certificate to acknowledge his contribution to financial services i.e. helping get Dermot’s IFSC up and running]

Padraig O and DD

And possibly the ghost of Charlie Haughey given the participants above.

Note this was before Ireland fell in a heap in the Global Financial Crisis which is still going and Dermot Desmond’s part in the downfall.

Excerpts from the cable:

Cable McCreevy

Cable McSharry

The Albert Reynolds admission of obtaining ‘over euro one billion from Brussels’ as the price for supporting Chancellor Kohl’s push for EU enlargement shows EU corruption at the highest levels while also echoing the FAI John Delaney’s ‘persuading’ Sepp Blatter to cough up €5 million for the ‘distress’ of Thierry Henri’s handball. These bhoys like a backhander.

2014 Cable invitees

The group of attendees above were discussing the factors which contributed to Ireland becoming the Celtic Tiger and Ireland’s skill in securing substantial EU support funds. It says nothing about Ireland being a tax haven within the EU and that in the 1990s Ireland milked the EU for all it could get. To facilitate this Ireland naturally stacked it’s people into the EU highest offices in order to elbow their way into the EU trough. Ireland bought into the EU vision and many Irish civil servants became EU Commissioners.

This Wikileaks cable is here to demonstrate the Irish network of EU Commissioners, Civil Servants and businessmen that Dermot Desmond operates within as well as his access to foreign governments such as with the US Treasury.

Charlie McCreevy

From the Irish Independent 23 October 2004, Dermot Desmond declares his admiration for Charlie McCreevy:

DD admiration for McCreevy

In 2004 Mr McCreevy was appointed EU Commissioner for Internal Market and Services [This is heavily involved in EU Competition therefore EU State Aid] by President of the European Commission Jose Manuel Barroso who will be discussed below.  Mr McCreevy lasted until 2010 when as Wikipedia states :

Following his departure from the Commission, McCreevy was forced to resign from the board of a new banking firm, in 2010, NBNK Investments PLC after an EU ethics committee found a conflict of interest with his work as commissioner in charge of financial regulation. This is first time that a former member of the EU executive has had to resign a directorship the 2003 system for overseeing the work of retired commissioners. [Source]

Mr McCreevy was also a director of Sports Direct International PLC too:

Charlie McCreevy Sports Direct International PLCThe above was found due to the previous digging in 2014 by TheManTheBheastCantTame

NBNK Investments PLC according to Companies House later became insolvent.

Ray MacSharry

Mr MacSharry was according to Wikipedia was, from 1989 until 1993, both European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Irish European Commissioner. Given the size of the EU Common Agricultural Policy [CAP] budget this is a very influential position.

EU State Aid Case against Celtic dropped in mysterious circumstances

In November 2014 when the EU Competition Commissioner found that Celtic had no EU State Aid case to answer there were rumours that some of the Irish ex-EU Commissioners had interfered in the case. At the time that seemed sour grapes and conspiracy theory peddling but maybe in reflection it wasn’t far from the truth given the similarities of the Celtic EU State Aid case against the recent EU State Aid findings against the Spanish clubs.

It would be unbelievable that Mr Desmond wouldn’t have used his Irish network of high former EU Commissioner contacts to push get the EU State Aid case against Celtic dropped. That’s how the elite 1%’s work. They don’t go through the bureaucracy of filling out complaint forms and standing in a queue, they go right to the top.

It seemed very strange at the time that the EU State Aid case was considered for almost a year when, if there was no material of concern then why wasn’t it rejected up front.

Why make the UK government, Scottish government and Glasgow City Council spend all that time if there was nothing there. Then suddenly it was stopped after almost a year. Note the EU will not allow FOI requests on their decisions. Very open and transparent, not. The undemocratic EU culture encourages corruption and cover-ups.

Thank goodness the UK will soon be free of this non democratic body and the ‘un-elected swill’ [quote from Paul Keating former Australian PM when talking about the Australian 2nd house the Senate].

Other Ex-EU Commissioners that the UK will see the back of after Brexit

Peter Sutherland is another Ex-Irish EU [EC previously] Commissioner. Examining his biography let’s take a sample of his track record, career and awards:

EC Commissioner responsible for Competition Policy (1985-1989)

Knight Commander of the Order of St. Gregory (Papal decoration) in 2008

Consultor for the Administration of the Patrimony of the Holy See (2006- )

Chairman of Goldman Sachs International (1995–2015). He remains an international advisor to Goldman Sachs.

Member of the Steering Committee of Bilderberg until 2014

Trilateral Commission, Honorary European Chairman (2010- )

He chaired the Committee that produced the Sutherland Report for the European Council on the implementation of the Internal Market of the EEC

So Mr Sutherland was there at the beginning of EU Competition policy.

Mr Sutherland is now:

United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary General for Migration and Development

President of the International Catholic Migration Commission

Needless to say he wants Brexit to be overturned – very democratic [Note this guy is in the UN]:

Peter sutherland tweet

and Jose Manuel Barroso who appointed Charlie McCreevy well:

He’s just been appointed Non-executive Chairman of Goldman Sachs International.

President of the European Commission 2004 – 2014

Member of the Steering Committee of Bilderberg

Amazingly he’s a Roman Catholic who was a member of the Portuguese Workers’ Communist Party. Converts are always the worst. This comrade went from one extreme of the political spectrum to the other.

plus numerous honours

Note: Goldman Sachs was the investment bank that ‘massaged’ [swapped out] Greece’s debts to allow it to comply with the EU entry conditions then when Greece was in swapped them back. They are not called the Vampire Squid for nothing.

Goldman Sachs Vampire Squid

These are members of the elites who got their comeuppance as a consequence of Brexit. And who says there is nothing in conspiracy theories. If you notice, they come from small countries but yearn to be at the centre of power and money.

As can be seen the pattern of type of person obtaining EU Commissioner roles has been repeated over the years.

EU State Aid Complaint consequences

The EU State Aid complainants were maybe naive in expecting a fair hearing from the EU Competition Directorate given the elite networks they were fighting to overcome above.  All normal working class people can do is highlight corruption.

The complainants certainly put markers down on the corruption in Glasgow City Council which has claimed a couple of scalps and will impact next years’ council elections:

13 Jul 2016 Plans revealed for ‘root and branch’ review of Glasgow City Council following wave of suspensions

22 May 2016 City council’s perfect storm as senior boss suspended and prominent politician quits Labour administration

From council insiders we know that these developments were a consequence of the EU State Aid complaints which means, for the ratepayers of Glasgow, that any future deals with Celtic and Glasgow City Council will be subject to more government if not media oversight.

So it wasn’t all a wasted effort. They don’t like sunlight being shined on them these vampire elites. A crucifix is no good.

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