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Last year Thomas Glen East Dunbartonshire’s Depute Chief Executive was economical with the truth in answering Jo Swinson MP

Thomas Glenn EDC in charge of assets

When queries were being made 2015 about the operations of The Lennoxtown Initiative charity and the Celtic Service Level Agreement (Celtic SLA). Jo Swinson then a MP of East Dunbartonshire constituency wrote to East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) enquiring about the latter.

Here is a copy of Ms Swinson’s reply to one of her constituents given on RangersMedia on 04 Mar 2015 by The Mongoose:

Dear xxxxxxxxx

Further to our previous correspondence, I have now received a response from Thomas Glen, Director of Development & Regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council. I have attached a copy for your reference. Please do accept my apologies for the delay in passing this on.

Mr Glen confirms that East Dunbartonshire Council does not have a Service Level Agreement with Celtic Football Club. Along with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, the Council was one of the partner bodies in the establishment of the Lennoxtown Initiative, which entered into a service level agreement with Celtic. He is therefore unable to provide details of it, as it was an agreement between two organisations which the Council was not party to.

The Council does make available to the public the Tripartite agreement with the Lennoxtown Initiative and the NHS, and this can be obtained via the planning office without a need to submit and FOI request. Details of Council spending is also available to the public without a request.

I did a bit of research online and I couldn’t find any mention of the Lennoxtown Initiative still being active (it’s not in my constituency so I wasn’t that familiar with its work). However, I have written to the Council to ask what happened to it and, in particular, the initiatives it was involved in.

I hope that this is helpful to you. However, please do let me know if there is anything else I can assist with.

Yours sincerely,

Jo Swinson MP

As can seen it’s Mr Glen replying when he was Director of Development & Regeneration at East Dunbartonshire Council.

Mr Glen is being economical with the truth. Remember Jo Swinson was a local MP. Not somebody ringing up reception.

Since 2011 the EDC has operated the charity [remember the charity sacked their 3 employees to save money while still paying the Celtic SLA] and it’s registered address is an EDC property:

LI registered address EDC property

Not only that Thomas Glen has been a Lennoxtown Initiative Director since July 2009

Thomas Glen The Lennoxtown Initiative Director

Thomas Glen redacted

He became a director on 8 July 2009 and is still a director.

He was introduced to The Lennoxtown Initiative board in the minutes of the meeting 31 August 2009:

31 Aug 2009 LI minutes Thomas Glen

It’s not too long a bow to imply that since Mr Glen is the East Dunbartonshire designated Partner Director (NHSGGC has the other) and EDC is ‘taking care of business’ that he was also looking after the charity as part of his EDC duties.  

East Dunbartonshire had in their possession in 2010 an Assessment of the Celtic SLA

Kirkintilloch Herald 23 February 2010 reports Brian McAleenan, Chief Executive reports that:

Brian Mcleenan Kirkintilloch Herald report 2010 EDC assessment

So although EDC claims it didn’t have a copy of the Celtic SLA, how did it do the assessment? Surely EDC retained a copy of the assessment?

Could Thomas Glen then have said to Jo Swinson MP, note: Member of Parliament:

We, the council, don’t have a copy of the Celtic SLA but:

  1. Here’s this Celtic SLA assessment the council did in 2010 and/or
  2. Being the council’s representative on The Lennoxtown Initiative’s board and I have seen a copy & I can send that to you.

No. He hid those facts when he had knowledge of the Celtic SLA. Don’t civil servants have a duty to disclose relevant information to questions from our elected representatives?

Jo Swinson’s research leaves a lot to be desired

Surely Ms Swinson, who says she ‘couldn’t find any mention of the Lennoxtown Initiative still being active’ had a researcher or even she could take a couple of seconds to type ‘The Lennoxtown Initiative’ into the companies house website and find. Gee whizz it’s still ‘Active’:

LI active


Most of the thanks go to Pzj for the above and were built on his TwitLonger.

That was the Entre. Next post will follow up on Mr Glen’s track record as ‘Guardian of the Corporate Assets’.

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One thought on “Last year Thomas Glen East Dunbartonshire’s Depute Chief Executive was economical with the truth in answering Jo Swinson MP

  1. Celtic minded politician found to be telling lies, why are we not surprised. It must be difficult to keep following the smell when ‘everything’ surrounding this stinks. Another good read. :O)

    Posted by Scott Mclachlan | September 9, 2016, 9:18 am

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