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Alex Cobham/Richard Murphy of The Offshore Game/TJN bias against Rangers from 2010 & attraction to Rangers stolen documents


We have seen in 2016, Alex Cobham (@alexcobham) and George Turner (@georgenturner) of The Offshore Game (TOG), an offshoot of the Tax Justice Network (TJN) run by Richard Murphy (@richardjmurphy), attempted to blacken the name of Rangers FC with their blog not a report sourced from the Celtic Resolution12 cabal with their stolen documents.

As mentioned before, this duo made a previous attempt in 2015, both times when Rangers were threatening promotion to the Scottish Premiership. The 2015 attempt had Cobham & Turner trying to hide behind footballisfixed bigoted blogger Jerry Bullivant as we reported in this post.

Here is @jamesablack, Rangers blogger’s exposure on Soundcloud titled ‘Scottish Football Conspiracy’ talking to Jerry Bullivant about the story on offer:

At 4:30 Jerry mentions that although they wanted to strip titles from Rangers, the initiative had ‘Integrity’ because there was no drive for Celtic to get them <keels over laughing>. It’s worth listening just for that line.

Interesting stuff at 24:30 on Peter Lawwell asking Jerry to get betting patterns because of a belief that Scottish clubs were betting on games. Also that Lawwell thought European games were being fixed against Celtic. Amazing no questions asked about those assertions. Jerry was dropped from a Celtic contract because club believe he could discover internal secrets which was exposed on this blog.

Alex Cobham/George Turner wanted to hide behind Bullivant and the media outlet they sought through him. The blog/report story on TOG 2016, the Resolution12 attempt to strip Rangers of titles & destablise the SFA for awarding a licence to play in the SPL and UEFA for awarding a licence to play in Europe in 2011-12, was eventually shot down by Rangers blogger @Jas72Boyd.

Unfortunately the deal between The Offshore Game’s George Turner and Alex Cobham and footballisfixed fell through last year in May 2015, very acrimoniously with Jerry spilling the beans on The Offshore Game’s secret attempts to gain traction to strip Rangers of titles. This is the same guff pedaled around the traps by the Celtic blog or should I say the Rangers hating blog, SFM. 

Here is Jerry blog post, deleted since but captured as always by the fth elves:

footballisfixed offshore game 1

footballisfixed offshore game 2

footballisfixed offshore game 3

One of the main motivations was to use documents containing alleged Dave King’s approval of EBTs to challenge his Fit & Proper status to own/control Rangers.

No honour among thieves as can be seen.

Repeating what we said before, you have to wonder why a blog associated with the Tax Justice Network, would use a sectarian bigot to push their agenda against Rangers. When you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas.

Alex Cobham & Richard Murphy’s involvement in a 2010 Christian Aid Report 

Before Alex Cobham joined the TJN & Richard Murphy in January 2015 both Cobham and Murphy worked together on a 2010 Christian Aid Report called Blowing The Whistle – Times Up for Financial Secrecy.

Here’s the authors & researchers:


It’s a funny report trying to conflate football offshore ownership, tax havens, rapacious mining and third world government corruption.

One excerpt about Rangers reads:


Then we have Cobham/Murphy’s attempt to drop Dave King’s South African tax affairs into commentary about South African corruption. Spindoctor Rule X: Let’s just put stuff side by side and hope the readers link the different story lines together in their minds:



Have a look in the whole document to view where it’s placed in the middle of the South African section.

The document also has a league table of football teams with their offshore ownership which is a precursor to TOG’s Offshore Table. In the whole Christian Aid 2010 table there is no mention of Celtic’s ownership & control by Dermot Desmond via Line Nominees in Gibraltar, a tax haven, which he’s had since 1999.

Is it because they were formed by a Catholic brother that Christian Aid couldn’t possibly place Celtic in the table? 

So you can see the early obsessive bias of Cobham & Murphy against Dave King/Rangers while ignoring any relevancy with the same measures about Celtic way back in 2010.

Bias of TOG with inaccurate shareholdings of Dermot Desmond & Denis O’Brien in Celtic

As repeated before, the TOG The Offshore League Table produced in 2014 continues their bias against Rangers by their distorted analysis and remains so to date in 2016.

Here we have Rangers and Celtic’s positions on the table:

TOG table header

TOG table Celtic Rangers

The Line Nominees (Dermot Desmond) figure is 20% whereas it should be 35%. The TOG inaccurate analysis doesn’t even include his Convertible Preferred Ordinary Shares and Convertible Cumulative Preference Shares

And according to TOG Mr Desmond’s 35% is almost equivalent Rangers with a company called Blue Pitch Holding having 7%. Also missing from the TOG ouija board ‘algorithm’ is Denis O’Brien’s holdings in Switzerland. 

No mention in TOG of Dermot Desmond & Denis O’Brien‘s tag team exploits in Irish corruption tribunals. Taking their ‘gains’ from the corruptly obtained ESAT Digifone licence award offshore to prevent the Irish Revenue from taxing the capital gains and providing seed money for their subsequent tax haven investments via Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands.

No mention by TOG or TJN of the recent allegations in the Herald of Mr Desmond’s shareholding in a Latvian Bank fined with money laundering charges and French tax evasion allegations. Great to see the fth blog leading the main stream media to stories apart from tweets & monkeys playing pianos. Mr Leask caught using our research without attribution. The Creative Commons licencing below means anyone can use the blogs contents does not have to pay for our work BUT there should be attribution to the persons who did the legwork, us.

Alex Cobham’s support for Charlotte Fakes and Res12 & attraction to their stolen documents

It was only in 2016 that Cobham and Turner had to surface and put their names on the Res12 blog/report after Jerry Bullivant’s efforts in 2015 failed spectacularly to get the attention of a major media group anywhere. However Mr Cobham has been encouraging, advising both Ranger’s stolen document initiatives from Charlotte Fakes from 2013 and the Res12 love-in/hate-in from 2014.

Charlotte Fakes threads:



Res12 Threads:






Mr Cobham loves stolen documents and has been front & centre in supporting and advising both malicious initiatives, oh sorry ‘Sporting Integrity/Not Rangers hatred’ initiatives, from their earliest incubation.

Watching Brief maintained on Alex Cobham and Richard Murphy

As the TJN keeps a watch on multinational using tax havens we have been keeping a watching brief on Messieurs Cobham and Murphy for a long time, as we did for Jerry Bullivant. Looking at who they converse with, what they discuss and what they exclude. We’ve saved their reports, articles & tweets hence it makes it easy to expose the biases undermining any objectivity in their analyses. ‘If you know their history …. it’s enough to make your hearts go ….’.

Given their modus operandii of being attracted like moths to the flame of Rangers FC stolen documents it would not be surprising that either or both Cobham & Murphy were involved with and behind the RangersTaxCase blog. Like we said immediately above, when you’ve kept a person’s online history it’s amazing what you can measure by how things are said and what is said even making comparisons between what appears to have been said by different people. It’s like comparing fingerprints. Hmmm ….

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