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East Dunbartonshire raids Lennoxtown Initiative’s Capital & Campsie Youth funds to bail out Celtic SLA Deficit


East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), who are ‘looking after’ The Lennoxtown Initiative charity, were only 20 months late in lodging the charity’s accounts for the Year Ending 31st March 2015. They were delivered just before Christmas 2016.

You can see that EDC are clearing the decks in order to close the charity and bury the deception used to give Celtic their Lennoxtown training ground for free. As we have seen before that deception used a ‘project’ called the Celtic Service Level Agreement (Celtic SLA) within the charity to re-route Celtic’s payment for the land back to Celtic in the form of services which were not audited by the charity or EDC, in who’s area they are supposed to have delivered the services.

With the charity, through overpayment of funds including the Celtic SLA, ending up being operated in ‘caretaker’ mode by EDC since the charity’s full-time staff being sacked since 2010-11, the ratepayers of EDC have debt funded the charity which should have been declared insolvent. The continuance of the charity appears only have been kept on life support to continue payments of the Celtic SLA, some of which have been made by EDC, but these latter payments have been added to the debt owed by the charity to EDC.

We’ve seen before the state of the charity’s accounts in the year ending 31 March 2014 which left the Celtic SLA in deficit to the charity at £166,834. That means the EDC/charity paid £166,834 that was not in the charity to Celtic. Notice that the Celtic SLA is the only ‘project’ in deficit:


Also in deficit are Unrestricted Funds of £195,983.

The charity is insolvent to the tune of £271,007 and the Celtic SLA is almost half.

There will be a later post on how EDC has kept the charity on life support with a special deal not to call in the charity’s debts.

Now let’s look at the EDC’s ‘creative accounting’ in the 2015 accounts to cover-up the Celtic SLA deficit and to prepare the charity for closedown.

EDC Raiding of charity Capital and Campsie Youth funds to fill Celtic SLA hole

Here’s the same 31 March 2015 table as the one above for 2014:


Lo and behold what has happened. Now the Celtic SLA deficit has disappeared.

East Dunbartonshire Council has stripped:

£44,081 from the charity’s Capital Fund, and

£33,360 from the charity’s Campsie Youth Fund

all to bail out the Celtic SLA.

What the council is saying is that, getting funds to Celtic, who are currently reaping the UEFA Champions League £26 million, is more important than Campsie Youth. And that the Capital reserves of the charity should be tipped in also in preparation for burying the dead carcass of the charity.

When did the Campsie Youth funds come into the charity?

Here’s the ingoing and outgoing for Year Ending 31 March 2007 and have a look at the Celtic SLA and Campsie Youth balance, income and expenditure:


For the Celtic SLA the funds from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC), formerly the Greater Glasgow Health Board (GGHB) can be seen getting tipped in of £464,333. This is the money Celtic paid the NHSGGC for Lennoxtown training centre land. Then same year £329,001 going back out. For charity services, well no. This was for Celtic to set-up the Celtic SLA. They signed a deal with the charity but ‘needed’ the funds before even starting to deliver the services. Note: This line item, honking to high heaven, is something Audit Scotland cleared. These are your taxpayer funded Scottish watchers of corruption in action.

Now look at Campsie Youth balances for Year Ending 1 April 2006 and 31 March 2007.

1 April 2006 Balance is £31,029

During the year there is a contribution of £757

Giving 31 March 2007 balance of £31,786


Again the charity is saying, lets give Celtic massive subsidies, completely unjustified by audit, and small charity projects can go and get stuffed.

Tracking the Campsie Youth fund income and payments from that point, for Year Ending 31 March 2008, again dribbling of funds in of £974 but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


For Year Ending 31 March 2009, again dribbling of funds in of £587 but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


For Year Ending 31 March 2010, again dribbling of funds in of £13 but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


For Year Ending 31 March 2011, nothing paid in but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


For Year Ending 31 March 2012, nothing paid but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


And for Year Ending 31 March 2014, nothing paid but again nothing paid out of Campsie Youth:


The Lennoxtown Initiative charity’s Barefaced Bias towards Celtic

As can be seen above, from April 2006 until March 2015 funds have been accumulating in the Campsie Youth fund all the while that Celtic SLA has reaped over £800,000.

Yet what do we see for the neglected Campsie Youth’s £33,360 funds accumulated and unpaid until 2015. For NINE YEARS nothing was paid out of that fund.

Was it ultimately used for Campsie Youth?

NO. The whole £33,360 it was used to bail out the ignominious overpaid Celtic Service Level Agreement.


Audit Scotland and the Scottish charity regulator want to have a good look at themselves and The Lennoxtown Initiative charity before it’s buried.

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