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Scottish Government EU State Aid submission does not match Glasgow City story on Westthorn

The Scottish Government EU State Aid submission dated 4 July 2014 submitted on behalf of Glasgow City Council and Celtic says this about Westthorn:


Here’s what the previously hidden/unreleased HSE letter of June 2005 says:


HSE states that development can happen in between the Middle Zone (MZ) and Outer Zone (OZ) in fact all the block from the MZ outwards:


Only the Middle Zone and Inner Zone could not be used for residential development but could be used for landscaping or parking. It’s a poor copy but only a small corner of Westthorn is excluded.

Glasgow City Council in it’s original valuation claimed that, of the total 13.5 acres (5.46 hectares) of Westthorn, that almost half of the land was to be excluded because of the ‘unknown blast zone’. See the bottom bullet point:


And what does the Scottish Government paragraph say?

0.7 hectares of 5.46 hectares was to be excluded in the Middle and Inner ones. 0.7 is 12.8% of 5.46.

And the GCC ‘blast zone’ of 7 acres to be excluded of 13.5 acres is 51.85%

Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government needed to get their lies aligned.

Another corruption in the Scottish Government statement is that the Number of Units was reduced to 160 units because of access restrictions along a single track access road. This is rubbish. It is only because of the true ‘blast zone’ size exposed in the HSE letter that this access road restriction had to be introduced.

Glasgow City Council all the way along reduced the number of units because the land was halved due to ‘a previously unknown blast zone’ in the GCC’s calculation.

Glasgow City Council never at any time mentioned access road restrictions in their calculation.

In the District Valuer letter January 2005 it says Westthorn:


‘The Council’s land is to be valued on the assumption that it has appropriate access direct from London Road, which is of sufficient capacity to fully service site and to satisfy all statutory requirements, including those for a quality residential development’.

No wonder these District Value (DV) letters have been hidden and why the GCC and Celtic wanted to sideline the DV.

This shows why the original valuation methodology which excluded more than half Westthorn had to be over-written by the retrospective valuations of the Savills report when the HSE letter of June 2005 came to light. 

Within the Glasgow City Council Schedule of Documents there is no mention of an access road restriction except in the Scottish Government EU letter. It’s stated with no proof. Unless they are going find another letter that has just been discovered.

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