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Coincidence? Glasgow City Council Police Investigation Announced Same Day as Celtic Hotel/Retail Design

Yesterday, 21 February 2017, Police Scotland were called into Glasgow City Council to investigate corruption and cronyism which was reported in The Scottish Sun:


It involves Brian Devlin, Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services of Glasgow City Council who was suspended. Police also questioned others including a John Docherty, a Land & Environmental Services employee who resigned. Concerns were raised about the awarding of contracts to Mears Scotland, a housing repair company. A director of that company is Willie Docherty father of John Docherty. Not only that but Sadie Docherty the Glasgow Lord Provost, is John Docherty’s mother and wife of Willie Docherty.

Here’s the Register of Interests for: Sadie Docherty from the Glasgow City Council website:


Have a look under Gifts and Hospitality:

Celtic Football Club, 23 May 2014 – visit to Lisbon – value unknown

That date was 7 weeks before Glasgow City Council had to reply to EU Competition Directorate and the allegations of EU State Aid on their land deals with Celtic. Hmmm .. Coincidence or not?

Willie Docherty Has Previous Track Record of Cronyism & Looking after Labour

In this article in The Express on 13 November 2011 Mr Docherty was Chief Executive City Property (Glasgow) LLP, the Glasgow City Council ALEO responsible for the council’s land and properties.


So he has form for cronyism and getting his snout in trough courtesy of Steven Purcell who created the ALEOs for his mates.

Mr Docherty was also Managing Director of City Properties in tax year 2013-2014. From the taxpayerscotland.com website:


Remember that City Property (Glasgow) LLP in November 2013 ordered the Savills Report to clear Glasgow City Council and Celtic from EU State Aid through retrospective valuations. Which we challenged in the recent post.

Coincidence or Not? The links are all there for anyone to draw the dots of the people associated with this police investigation and cronyism associated with Glasgow City Council.

Celtic Hotel Design Unveiled Same Day?

Another coincidence or not is Celtic announcing a PR blitz on their proposed Hotel/Retail complex the same day as corruption investigations started by Police Scotland in Glasgow City Council.

It really is the oldest spin rule in the book to throw another PR bone to the “journalists” in the Scottish media. Not that they would look behind the curtains at where the land came from, how Celtic acquired it or the conditions of the land.

Land Conditions under Proposed Celtic Hotel Site

I’ll not comment too much on whether this is PR release was only flying a balloon but it seems unusual to squeeze the design onto a site which sits on the corner of two major roads which were widened for the Commonwealth Games, the Clyde Gateway and London Road. There would be no parking on those roads unless Glasgow City Council planning dept is stupid.

Any entrance to possible underground car parking for the Hotel and Retail shops would be introducing a nightmare in an area which was cleaned up traffic-wise for the Commonwealth Games. Especially on game day.

Speaking of underground there are two boreholes right under that site which leave a lot to be desired for building over.

Hotel/Retail Site Boreholes

They are called Camalachie Study Area R2 (Camalachie R2) and R4 (Camalachie R4) and the locations are:



Whats under Camalachie R2?


There’s almost 8 metres (24 feet) of Slag Fill.

And under Camalachie R4?


Almost 9 metres (27 feet) of Slag Fill.

The Slag Fill would have come from the Parkhead Iron works late 1800s/early 1900s. No doubt there will be other suggestions. From a previous post we found that Celtic Park is also underlaid by 27ft – 16ft ash, rubble, sand and slag.

It will be interesting how the severely eroded Land and Environmental Services dept of Glasgow City Council handles what happens in the planning meeting when reviewing this application.

Maybe they should just have it in the Kerrydale Lounge after hospitality.

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