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Tainted URS Report undermines Savills Report and Scottish Government EU State Aid case


This is from the Ordnance Survey map 1897 of Parkhead. Here it can be seen that the Claypit. Well and Brick Works are on Barrowfield.

As well as showing how the URS Report was misused to conflate conditions on Westthorn there will also be further posts pulling this ‘desktop’ study report apart. Desktop?What people don’t know the URS people could not access Westthorn or Barrowfield?

URS Report Pulled Apart Part 1


1. This was a report paid for by Celtic and going to Celtic’s surveyor Montagu Evans. Glasgow City Council never did a Geotechnical Report they relied on Celtic’s.

Richard Brown, Executive Director of Development & Regeneration Services (DRS) Glasgow City Council lied in FOIs that they had their own report and they would not supply it. Mr Brown also lied about the 15% HSE extra blast zone (Buy One Blast Zone get 15% free this week) that was needed to cut the price of Westthorn. It is understood that he is one of the gentlemen suspended/off on the sick/hiding at the GCC and possibly talking to Police Scotland in the corruption investigation.

Mr Brown and his lies will be the subject of a separate post on him because he and Development & Regeneration Services (DRS) are at ground zero of the defence of the EU State Aid land deals.

2. It says Re: Westthorn Recreation Ground but it’s not. But the study includes Barrowfield too as we’ll show below.

3.  It also says Ground Conditions. URS never even visited the site to see it. As it says the “letter report recognised our in-house information including various report held by Glasgow City Council archive”. It was a Desktop Study. It was quick and dirty. Very dirty.

Barrowfield included in what was supposed to be a Westthorn Study

Now I can understand that, from the old map above that the Brick Works is called Westthorn Brick Works so you would think an amateur would get it wrong but professional geotechnical people, and surveyors, for Celtic and the GCC? No.

Those Claypit, Well and Brick Works are definitely on Barrowfield.

Here’s Westthorn (shaded) and Barrowfield is to the north west:


It’s labelled “Celtic Sports Ground” on this map showing Westthorn from the GCC Executive Minutes for the sale of Westthorn.

The whole area at one time was called Westthorn, there was an estate surrounding big house somewhere on Dewars site now and was broken up into separate titles a long time ago.

URS only needed to buy the 1897 map to get that right and rectify the deficiencies of their report. The shops have so many they are selling them. Or order online from the Ordnance Maps website. It’s not hard. 

Scope of the URS Report


Notice Current Address: Westthorn Recreation Ground/Celtic Sports Ground.

Clue: Westthorn was 5.46 hectares. The area says 8 hectares. So that verifies that the URS report is on both Barrowfield and Westthorn.

Several Times URS report mentions Claypit and Brick Works



The paragraphs imply that the claypit, well and brick works are on Westthorn when they are on Barrowfield. URS say Historical Maps. What maps like the 1897 one for Parkhead you can buy from the Ordnance Survey?

URS Brick Works statements misused by Savills for their Valuations


GlasgowCity Council never pointed out to Savills that the claypit, well and brick works were on Barrowfield but if Savills did their research by also looking up an old map they would not have misused the URS report false information that Westthorn had a claypit,well and brick works. This is a major error by a professional land valuer.

This means that the Scottish Government, who used Savills report and the URS report also misled the EU Competition Directorate when the information corrupted their EU State Aid case reply in July 2014. The govt never independently check any of the documents the parties supplied.

Tale of Two Sites: Barrowfield and Westthorn

Let’s take a look at Made Ground on both sites using Borehole data to see the difference in the ground conditions on both those sites. 

Made Ground is when the surface is filled in to make it level. Sometimes the fill is clean and other times it’s full of rubbish like debris.

Well use Hydracrat boreholes S1 – S15 on both Barrowfield and Westthorn whch were done Dec 1986 and Jan 1987. That is genuine data which again was available to URS, GCC, Savills and Scottish government. None of them did. You can get them free from British Geological Survey. 

Firstly Barrowfield: S1 – S8 are on Barrowfield.


To orient the locations S6 borehole is just below the CSA Club rooms at the top.

Barrowfield Made Ground Table:


There is massive infill of 30+ feet all over the middle of Barrowfield. Look at S4, S5 and S7 diagonally right across the middle, it’s 30 feet of fill right across the whole of Barrowfield.

Here’s S5 with Filling: Black ASH with demolition DEBRIS. NOTE: It says Westthorn Park but it’s on Barrowfield:



Secondly Westthorn: S9 – S15 are on Westthorn


Westthorn Made Ground Table:


There is a small amount of made ground at S9 which is at the top left near the access road. S12, less than a metre, is next to Dewars site on the right which is in the small ‘blast zone’ – that will be ladscaping garden for any developer. Both are near the edges of Westthorn.

Across the middle of Westthorn? S10, S11 and S14 there’s nothing, there’s no fill at all. There is no Made Ground in the middle because there has been no industrial work apart from dams built on top of the surface of the land which, when demolished, went back to the surface.

Here’s S14 where there’s no Fill:


Here’s S10 again with no Fill:


Savills Report Wrong

Using the same Savills statement from above about Westthorn being “overlaid with clay, ash, stones and rubble”. It wasn’t but Barrowfield was.  Either Savills was very unprofessional or malicious use has been made of the URS report by conflating Barrowfields conditions onto Westthorn. 


The information in the ‘desktop study’ of URS report written for Celtic was misused by Glasgow City Council either to con Savills or they were willing participants. Savills did not verify the data. Those Hydracrat boreholes are freely available online.

The Scottish government did not verify the Savills report or the URS report. They also did not independently assessed any of the base data in URS ‘Desktop study’ with the result that have misled the EU Competition Directorate.

The Savills Report and the Scottish government reports are discredited since they depend on a foundation of evidence in the URS report. Those foundations are undermined.

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