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Belvidere next door to Westthorn: Sold in 2005 for £8 Million after Abnormals deducted. Westthorn should have been at least £3 million.


This FOI gives us the information that Belvidere sold for over £8 million after deductions for Abnormals. The Gross figure was over £15 million. It was sold to Kier Homes in 2005.

Belvidere was 11.82 Hectares. That’s £699,769 say £700,000 per hectare or £280,539 per acre.

Westthorn was 5.46 hectares. Let’s take off the ‘blast zone’ amount of 0.7 hectares. That makes 4.76 hectares which were developable.

Assuming the same density and proportion of abnormals on Westthorn as Belvidere then Westthorn should have cost 4.76 hectares x £699,769 = £3.3 million.

In 2007, having the Belvidere price and number of units to built on the site, Glasgow City Council agreed a price of £675,000 with Celtic after reneging on using an Arbiter as agreed with the District Valuer.

Belvidere Location is next door to Westthorn



Belvidere Had Way Much More Abnormals Than Westthorn

Belvidere was an infectious diseases hospital. As well as clearing the buildings and foundations there would have been asbestos to clear. There would have been incinerators and hospital waste. Abnormals compared to Westthorn would have been enormous. Here’s a photo from December 1952 showing the extent of the buildings to be cleared. Westthorn is to the right in the middle:


Belvidere Coal Works

Not only that but Belvidere had this coal pit underneath it which Westthorn didn’t.


Yes there was a coal mine under Belvidere. No it didn’t overlap into Westthorn. The boundary of Westthorn is on the map marked “Land of Westthorn” on RHS.

So let’s get this straight: Belvidere went for £8 million with a coal pit underneath and clearance of buildings & foundations.

But Glasgow City Council says the Westthorn deal is beyond reproach.

Belvidere Sold 2005 with Planning Approval Sept 2005


The District Valuer states in his January 2005 letter to Glasgow City Council:


So Belvidere was sold in 2005. And he says Westthorn should be benchmarked to Belvidere’s price and unit density.

Number of Units Approved to be Built on Belvidere

Here’s Glasgow City Council Housing Audit for 2014:


Belvidere has had Detailed Planning approval for 463 units. 


Belvidere Project Size

From Kier Homes 2010 Preliminary Results it states that it’s £64.5 million. That’s a big project:


Kier Homes Had to Submit Mineworking Consolidation Works to get GCC Approval 

In order that planning approval be given in Sept 2005, Glasgow City Council needed approval from the The Coal Authority and to be certain the mineworkings were going to be stabilised. 

The report below was found on the Glasgow City Council planning website does that. It’s called “Belvidere Hospital, Glasgow: Consolidation of Abandoned Mineworkings and Mine Entry Completion Report, April 2007”.

Here are the report’s coverpage and Introduction after the works were completed in April 2007:



Glasgow City Council especially Development & Regeneration Services (DRS) had this report and/or the work that had taken place. Else no approval would have been given.

Building started in 2006 and first housing completed in 2007.

DRS knew this information and could have tabled it in the 30 November 2007 Executive Committee meeting to discuss “Land and property adjacent to Celtic Park Proposed Acquisition from, and Disposal to Celtic PLC”. Here is DRS’s report from the Executive Director DRS, Richard Brown for the meeting. Nothing about Belvidere’s price, abnormals or repaired mineworkings appears in that report. Why not? The exclusion of the information was to continue the cover-up and distortion and ensure that Westthorn was cheaply priced.

Glasgow City Council had another opportunity and could also have given the Belvidere report to Savills in November 2013 for them to estimated Abnormals correctly but held it back again and allowed the old 2004 URS Desk Study Abnormals based on figures plucked out the air.



It’s amazing the difference in NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde had handling Belvidere versus Glasgow City Council’s handling of Westthorn.

Especially when an infectious hospital and a coal pit was under Belvidere. Westthorn had none of those.

Kier Homes profitably built Belvidere Village in a £64.5 million project on land worth £8 million after abnormals.

Westthorn was worth at least £3.3 million on much better land after abnormals. £3.3 million is only the starting point.

The public purse was picked.

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