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Savills Report needs to be condemned as unsafe. SEPA & Scottish Water say no contamination on Westthorn.

Below we take apart the Savills Report & Valuation November 2013 used by the Scottish Government to base their arguments to the EU Competition Directorate that there was no EU State Case to answer.

Under 3.0 Location and Situation:

Savills Location and Situation

So Belvidere Village, which had nothing to do with the Commonwealth games, is local authority and older tenements? Westthorn was right next to Belvidere. Not sure how Kier Homes would react to being assessed that they are not a prime residential development.

Here are some of the prices of the Kier Home house and land packages which were offered from 2007 onwards:

Kier Homes house prices

Is £200,000 not a prime residential home price?

Under 4.0 Westthorn Recreational Ground:

Savills provides this picture of Westthorn next to Belvidere. An undeveloped Belvidere.

Savills Westthorn aerial view

In reality Belvidere looked closer to this:

Belvidere aerial view

Under Environmental conditions for Westthorn:

Pumping Station claypit and brickworks

As we said before, Savills based their report on the tainted URS Desk Study and in that post we demonstrated that the claypit and brick works were on Barrowfield not Westthorn.

Also in that post we showed the boreholes on Westthorn demonstrates the lack of Made Ground (fill) on Westthorn clearly meaning it was not overlaid with clay, ash, stones and rubble. Again that was Barrowfield.

Savills URS contamination

Here is SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) assessment of Westthorn:

SEPA letter Westthorn

SEPA say there is no contamination on Westthorn.

What does Scottish Water say about abnormals from coal mining or mineworkings causing contamination on Westthorn? From a FoI reply:

Scottish Water 1

Scottish Water 2

According to Scottish Water there is no contamination arising from Westthorn. 

What does Savills say about the Net Developable Area?

Savills net developable area

Trouble between what Savills says “prevent development on almost half the land” with their ‘blast zone’ of 7 acres (2.8 hectares), which is 4 times as much as Scottish Government that says the ‘blast zone’ is 0.7 hectares. Hmmm…get your story straight guys!!

Here’s what the Scottish Government EU letter of July 2014 says:


Here’s Savills, a professional valuer saying ‘plus a required buffer zone of 15%’. Required? Where in RICS/Planning or is a buffer zone to be added to HSE set consultation zones (GCC terminology ‘blast zone’).

More like adding 15% in a Bluffer zone in Savills office. HSE consultation zones are all that is required no more. Glasgow City Council need the 7 acre deduction to get the price down for Celtic to £675,000.

Here’s Glasgow City Council’s/DRSs valuation methodology:


Here is Richard Brown, Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services (DRS) ‘explaining’ the bonus 15%:

15 percent FoI Richard Brown

15 percent extra blast zone 2

HSE consultation zones reducing the developable area were as described by the Scottish Government above as 0.7 hectares. Mr Brown needed the extra 15% ‘blast zone’ to reduce the price for Celtic to £675,000 in the DRS Westthorn Methodology above.

Regarding Celtic’s Special Purchaser status:

Savills celtic special purchaser

As we seen before Savills should not have ignored Special Value since Celtic was sole buyer for Westthorn in a closed transaction. Market Value is for open market transactions and RICS standards say Special Value should be given also.

Under 5.1 Residential land Market 2005:

Savills Belividere Hospital

No the figures are wrong. From NHSGGC FoI:

NHSGGC Belvidere valuation

Kier Homes paid £8,141,255 million after deductions of Abnormals of £7,103,068.

According to the GCC website Belvidere in 11.82 hectares (29.2 acres).

It’s not a Greenfields site, it was Brownfield, there was an old hospital there and had to be knocked down. Who are these guys Savills, are they in Glasgow? Did they get out the office?

No way are abnormals on Belvidere comparable to Westthorn. Belvidere had a coalpit underneath and an infectious diseases hospital that had to be knocked down.

The Savills Report & Valuation November 2013 was based on the tainted URS Report but also created their own holes and inconsistencies. If it was supposed to be a bridge from the rubbish Glasgow City Council cover-up methodology to the Scottish Government EU State Aid letter then it should be knocked down because it cannot support that EU letter.

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