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Scottish Government & Glasgow City Council deceived EU. Westthorn should have been valued with no restrictions on Access Road.

As they say in Scotland when the game is up. “The game’s a bogey”.

And it is for the Scottish Government and Glasgow City Council and any associated parties pertaining to the Westthorn land transaction between the council and Celtic PLC.

Number of Units sets Westthorn Price

Firstly from the Scottish Government EU letter July 2014 in reply to the EU State Aid complaint of land being sold as undervalued to Celtic.

EU letter Access Road restriction

Note the last sentence in which the number of units being allowed to fit onto Westthorn was reduced due to access road conditions. The number of units sets the gross price of Westthorn therefore is the main factor in valuation. At least 258 units should have been used instead of 160 units. 

Two Sources Confirming Westthorn Should be Valued with Full Access Road Capacity

Both from documents on the Glasgow City Council website.

Firstly Glasgow City Council Westthorn Transaction background November 2016:

Lease Agreement full capacity of Access Road

In the paragraph 4.2 The Lease Agreement signed in 2000 between Glasgow City Council and Celtic had an end of lease condition that stated that “WRG [Westthorn Recreation Ground] to be valued on the basis that has appropriate access direct from London Rd of sufficient capacity to service the WRG and to satisfy all statutory requirement including those for a quality residential development”.

In other words no restrictions on capacity to be applied to the valuation if CFC purchased the site.

Note: Numerous attempts to obtain a copy of that Lease Agreement 2000, signed by a public authority, Glasgow City Council have failed. Now we know why. Why didn’t the council put that document up with all the others? Could it be that it contains many other concessions also?

This full capacity Access Road condition is confirmed by the District Valuer letter dated January 2005 as the end of 5 year lease agreement signed in 2000 nears in June 2005:

Dv Jan 2005 Access road in valuation

Again, “The Council’s land is to be valued on the assumption that it has appropriate access direct from London Road, which is of sufficient capcity to fully service site and to satisfy all statutory requirements, including those for a quality residential development”.

Westthorn Valuation and Pricing is Unsound

The Scottish Government played along with Glasgow City council’s corrupt and deceptive valuation of Westthorn and reneged on a key condition of the Lease/Sale Agreement 2000.

The Scottish Government stands accused of partaking in fraud and corruption to support a public authority duping the EU Competition Directorate in a State Aid case.

The EU State Aid case needs to be re-opened and Westthorn independently, of Glasgow City Council & the Scottish Government, valued by District Valuer under the auspices of the HMRC and the UK Government.

This time the Abnormals should be calculated against the neighbouring Belvidere Village development’s abnormals, current Health & Safety Executive, SEPA and Scottish Water assessments. They can then reduce that price by discounting by the RPI in the years back to 2009 when it was sold to Celtic.

Then the true value of Westthorn will be known and it won’t the 6 figure sum of Savills, Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government. The starting point should the District Valuer’s original valuation in his letter dated January 2005. That would be £7.5 million:

Dv Jan 2005 Westthorn 7 pt 5 million valuation

No way should the tainted Glasgow City Council and Scottish Government be involve in the Abnormals calculations or the old distorted URS and Savills reports. New site investigation and geotechncial reports are required to erase the stain of this fraud. Only the trusted HMRC District Valuer is up to this job.

Expect fines, increased payments and very large dosages of Sporting Integrity to follow under instructions of the EU Competition Directorate and the UK Government in Westminster. And possible investigation by Police Scotland currently in the council chambers in George Square, Glasgow.

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