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True Westthorn Health and Safety Executive History. GCC more in the Bullshit zone than Blast zone.

Here is the sequence of Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Consultation Zones involving Westthorn from February 2005 to December 2016.

HSE only excludes the MZ – Middle Zone and IZ – Inner Zone of the Consultation Zones from residential development. That land however still had value as car parking or landscaping but was given away free to Celtic.

February 2005

HSE Feb 2005 annotated

The ‘blast zone’, in blue, that Glasgow City Council claimed was almost 50% of Westthorn in their valuation looks closer to 20%. Hmm…:Westthorn methodology

Also if part of Westthorn was in the so called ‘blast zone’, then so now were some of the residents of London Road. GCC Planning would have known this when John Dewar & Sons applied for planning permission but seems not to have have cared.

May 2008

HSE May 2008

The alleged ‘blast zone’ reduced in size before Celtic purchased Westthorn in 2009 yet still Glasgow City Council kept up the pretence that it was still almost 50% of Westthorn when it was about an 1/8th (12%).

 December 2016

HSE December 2016

From the above you can understand why Glasgow City Council needed to invent the Access Road restriction, even though it was against the sale condition of the Lease Agreement signed in 2000 between the council and Celtic, to reduce the number of units that could fit on Westthorn now that the ‘b̶l̶a̶s̶t̶ bullshit zone’ had fizzled down from 50% to 12% under the glare of examination. 

Apart from being against the Lease Agreement 2000, Glasgow City Council and the Scottish government cannot supply a scrap of evidence of any Access Road restriction. If there was it would be on the GCC website.

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