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EDC used Campsie Youth funds in Lennoxtown charity to clear the Celtic SLA when Campsie FC needed an all weather pitch

Why did East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) take £33,360 that were earmarked in the Lennoxtown Initiative charity specially for Campsie Youth, to cover-up over-payments to Celtic FC, who have a multi-million pound training centre in Lennoxtown, via the Celtic Service Level Agreement?

Note: Celtic’s training facility was approved by the East Dunbartonshire Council in a Greenbelt area because it brought sporting facilities to the area. But not for the benefit of the public and behind a security fence. The council’s quick in Lennoxtown when looking after a private company’s interests, Celtic’s, but not when there is a real public sporting need at grassroots level.

The movement of these charity funds which should have gone to Camspie Youth is especially underhand when this petition to East Dunbartonshire Council exists for Campsie FC in Lennoxtown to get an all weather pitch for their 200 kids:

Campsie pitch 1

Campsie pitch 2

Campsie pitch 3

This council has looked after Celtic, allowed them to get away without building a proper access road to the training facility and now close to the winding up of the Lennoxtown Initiative used every available penny to cover-up the Celtic SLA which was used to return the funds Celtic paid for Lennoxtown back to them under the cover of the charity.

Campsie Youth Funds with Lennoxtown Charity

In a post earlier this year, we highlighted the move by the EDC to gather up the unused funds in the Lennoxtown Initiative charity to cover-up the over-payments to the Celtic SLA, funds that weren’t there.

Here is the statement of funds in the Lennoxtown Initiative at 31 March 2014:

LI 2014 Campsie Youth

It can plainly be seen that Campsie Youth contains £33,360 whereas the Celtic SLA is in Deficit and owes the charity £166,834.

Then what does the EDC, which controls the remains of the Lennoxtown Initiative do? It takes the Campsie Youth funds which was supposed to be spent on them to clear the Celtic SLA. Here’s 2015 Lennoxtown Initiative funds with Campsie Youth funds, and others, used to clear the Celtic SLA deficit:

Campsie Youth funds disappear

As we showed in the previous post those Campsie Youth funds accumulated in the Lennoxtown Initiative and were first seen in the 31 March 2007 accounts:

Campsie Youth funds 2007

So the Lennoxtown Initiative charity run by East Dunbartonshire Council sat on their hands and did nothing for Campsie Youth even though their football team needed an weather pitch for 8 YEARS then used their £33,360 to clear a very dodgy Celtic SLA. EDC appears to work solely for Celtic’s benefit in not enforcing the access road which was a Major Condition of planning approval for a facility that was supposed to bring sports to the people. EDC not only did that but it has drained funds that should have gone to the people of Campsie and they had the chance to do it for 8 years.

Audit Scotland said, although there was a lack of accountability & delivery of services for the payments for the Celtic SLA, nothing dodgy was going on at the Lennoxtown Initiative. The charity appears to have been used largely to route funds to Celtic even to the point of sucking up funds which sat for 8 years and would have had a great benefit in local football in Campsie & Lennoxtown. 

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