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In 2008 GCC acquired 3 hectares of Springfield Rd land across from Celtic Park valued at £20 million. In 2007 Westthorn at 5.46 hectares sold to Celtic for £675,000.

Springfield Rd GCC map

In August 2008 Glasgow City Council (GCC) approved two transactions in the Springfield Rd area opposite Celtic Park:

1. An acquisition for a Springfield Rd site of 3 Hectares for £20 million. (on the lower LHS above)

2. a proposed disposal of a second commercial London Rd/Springfield Rd site that became in 2012 a Retail/Hotel development that although according to the numerous documents approved with detailed design, transport

GCC Executive Committee Approval for Springfield Rd Transaction

GCC Exec Comm 15 August 2008 Springfield rd

A few well known names there including Steven Purcell, James Dornan and George Ryan.

Approval given:

Springfield Rd GCC Exec Approval

From the DRS report submitted at that meeting: 

Springfield Rd Summary

Although the price above says £17 million it actually was sold for £20 million. From a FOI reply:

FOI 20m Springfield Rd GCC land purchased

The transaction gives us another value to compare with the price the GCC sold Westthorn to Celtic and the price of Belvidere (post) next door to Westthorn. They are way out of whack and show the GCC’s preference for Celtic.


Springfield Belividere Westthorn

Price per hectare is only on developable hectares using the Net Price.

Westthorn Price per hectare is 2% of Springfield Rd Price per hectare.

Westthorn Price per hectare is 20% of Belvidere Price per hectare.

Springfield Rd property was acquired for the Commonwealth Games so there was a premium and as 2.1 & 2.2 above say the land was valued by Colliers CRE Ltd, reputable valuers. But the Westthorn price is the outlier and shows how corrupt that transactions was.

So when Glasgow City Council sell to their favourite football team they price low but when it’s normal developers they price normally. Somehow it’s only when Celtic are involved that the GCC gets rid of the District Valuer and reduces the price with exaggerated abnormals and no commercial valuer to be seen. 

Note: In point 2.2c. above, GCC was charging £150,000 to the developer Springfield Properties (No 1) for the option on the London Rd/Springfield Rd site. All the options the GCC gave Celtic including Westthorn and the London Road Primary School, which were over several years, were given completely free of charge. Mates rates.

Question: Why was this land value not included in the November 2013 Savills Report used in the Scottish Government’s EU State Aid Submission on behalf of Celtic PLC & the GCC?

Answer: Because for the same reason that the Belvidere value was not there also, it would have made the GCC look very dodgy giving Celtic preference treatment and a very low price. 

Savills Report November 2013

Arena Retail/Hotel Development – Why was it abandoned?

The second transaction at London Rd/Springfield Rd was for a Retail/Hotel development right across from Celtic Park that has not eventuated.

Check GCC’s planning site under references 12/00387/DC and 12/02457/DC because there are lots of documents. In 2012 this was very far advanced in design, planning and had approval. Way ahead of the Celtic hotel proposal in timing and in terms of development.

Retail Hotel Planning Decision Notice

Retail Hotel Development 2012

Retail Hotel development Transport

Retail Hotel side elevations

Retail Hotel plan

All the recent media reports (PR statements) has been about the possible development of a Celtic hotel on ground that the Glasgow City Council said, would not be used for commercial purposes, (even against the advice of the District Valuer) and valued cheaply.

Why did this Arena hotel development not take place? Did the hidden hand of the GCC stifle this development on behalf of their Celtic mates? It was in a better location with no traffic problems, closer to the velodrome and NISA.

Perhaps some GCC whistleblowers can let the public know.

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