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Ukio Bankas was the Beating Heart of $6 billion Troika Laundromat money laundering scheme. It all happened while Vlad Romanov was running & Ukio was funding Hearts.

Bloomberg Money Laundering FInd a Bank

The headline above appeared on an article on Bloomberg on March 9, 2019 just 5 days after the expose of the Troika Laundromat run by a Russian investment bank called Troika Dialog, which laundered billions of dollars to British Virgin Island companies. For the scheme to work then they needed a bank willing to not look too closely at contracts and trades.

The bank they chose was Ukio Bankas of Lithuania, and Ukio set up accounts for 35 of the companies probably more for Troika.

What has been verified by Lithuanian contacts is that all the leaked documents on the Troika Laundromat was coincidental with:

Vladimir Romanov owning & controlling Scottish football team Heart of Midlothian (From 2004/05 until 2013 when Hearts went into administration owing Ukio Bankas £15.5 million. Ukio Bankas held security over Tynecastle football ground for those loans)

Ukio Bankas earned millions in commissions in moving funds illegally to British Virgin Island companies.

Hearts of Midlothian operations were funded by the Ukio Bankas.

Vladimir Romanov owned/controlled Ukio Bankas and associated company UBIG [Ukio Banko Investicine Grupe].

When Ukio Bankas collapsed Mr Romanov flitted off to Moscow after removing some of Ukio’s funds.

So were Hearts funded by dirty money during Mr Romanov’s reign?

At the very least Vladimir Romanov was never a Fit or Proper person to own/control Heart of Midlothian. 

No doubt the Scottish football authorities, SPFL & SFA will say SFA about this period of Hearts history. Will the SMSM cover this story or maintain its omerta?

Ukio Bankas at Heart of the Money Laundering Troika Laundromat

On March 4 2019, the investigatory team at the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) partnered with a Lithuanian journalist, Sarunas Cerniausakas of http://www.15mn.lt website, to simultaneously published articles about a Russian multi-billion $ money laundering scheme called the Troika Laundromat. 

What the articles below do not highlight is that while the billions of dollars were being laundered through Vladimir Romanov’s bank Ukio Bankas of Lithuania to British Virgin Island companies that Mr Romanov controlled & funded Heart of Midlothian football club in Scotland with funds from Ukio Bankas which he also controlled.

Here’s Vlad sticking his fingers up at, Lithuanian regulators and Ukio Bankas administrator and probably Scottish football authorities.

(From a Google translation of the Lithuanian article)

15mn header

Excerpt from the March 4 2019 OCCRP Troika Laudromat report:

OCCRP Ukio Bankas 1 OCCRP Ukio Bankas 2

OCCRP video explaining Troika Laudromat transactions, bank (Ukio) and BVI companies:


Excerpt from the March 4 2019 article from 15min (Google Translated from Lithuanian to English) 15mn.lt report:

15mn Ukio 1

15mn Ukio 2

Prince Charles charity even received payments via Ukio Bankas

On March 4 2019 this report appeared on the BBC again showing payments from Ukio Bankas through to a BVI company Quantus Division Ltd. Note the total suspicious payment of £5.9bn:

Prince Charles charity payments via Ukio

Ukio Bankas at the centre of a Major Money Laundering Operation

As was seen in a previous post, the Scottish football authorities, in the form of the SPFL did not acknowledge the insolvency of UBIG (a sister company of Ukio Bankas) since this would have meant more points deductions for Hearts of Midlothian which would have sent them down into the Championship.

That move was as corrupt as Vladimir Romanov’s bank Ukio Bankas.

If Ukio Bankas was making money on all the billions being washed through it’s accounts for the troika Laudromat and that Ukio Bankas was loaning Heart of Midlothian funds then what are the odds that those loans consisted of dirty money?

On 17 June 2013 when Hearts went into administration they owed Ukio Bankas £15.5m and the bank held the standard security over the Tynecastle ground.

The SPFL were caught covering up UBIG’s insolvency to keep Hearts out of the Championship for another year in which they were able to orderly sell players & cut costs before going down the following year.

Are the SPFL going to keep up looking the other way or will they acknowledge there was dirty money being funneled to Tynecastle during Mr Romanov’s rule at Hearts?

Vladimir Romanov was never fit or proper to own Heart of Midlothian football club.

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