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SFA/SPL Letters: SFA come over all heavy then Stewart Regan and Andrew McKinlay desert the sinking ship. Why in same week in February 2018?

SFA Andrew McKinlay letter 2012

Above is Andrew McKinlay’s SFA Letter 2012 on Behalf of Stewart Regan to the conscientious MP asking about the possible paedophile ring at the intersection of Celtic and their youth feeder club Celtic Boys Club.

Firstly they shut down allegations down saying those matters were the subject of a criminal case and the offender was convicted and imprisoned. Except Torbett wasn’t the only offender mentioned. Frank Cairney and John Cullen were too. Cullen, Celtic photographer was found guilty in 2004:

John Cullen 2004

Frank Cairney, although he got off on the 1998 charges, was exposed as the offender who assaulted a young Celtic Boys Club player in New Jersey, USA in 1991 by a 1996 Daily Record article by Anna Smith and Iain Ferguson:

Airport pact 1

Airport pact 2

Airport pact 3

Airport pact 5

Airport pact 6

Airport pact 7


In 1996, after the above article was printed in the Daily Record, did Strathclyde Police question Cairney on what happened on the 1991 US Celtic Boys Club tour?

Did they question the four Celtic Boys Club officials getting their statements of what happened in New Jersey?

Celtic involvement throughout: the words of Jim McNally, ex- Celtic Boys Club chairman.

“Apart from sworn statements to Celtic and the police, none of us has ever spoken about what happened.” [NOTE: Sworn statement to Celtic, the separate entity?]

“After that meeting I immediately contacted Celtic, but it was the Glasgow Fair and I had a terrible job trying to get a hold of people. [Again Celtic]

“I tried Jack McGinn, Jimmy Farrell (Celtic directors), but could not get them.” 

after a meeting with boys parents in Scotland;

“I was told the meeting had concluded and the outcome was that the boy’s parents were quite happy to leave the matter in Celtic’s hands, provided Frank Cairney resigned from the boys’ club on returning.” [The whole cover-up was in Celtic’s hands]

Celtic director Jack McGinn had direct involvement in cover-up:

“Jack McGinn organised a meeting at 11am with Frank Cairney and a meeting with me at 2pm. 

“At that meeting, he gave me a copy of Frank Cairney’s resignation which said he had resigned because he had got promotion in his company and the pressure of work.”

Did Strathclyde Police question Celtic as what they had done with the sworn statement they received and who at Celtic had conducted the communications and advice to the four Boys Club officials in drawing up the secrecy pact? Which law firm did Celtic use for advice and who possibly drew up the sworn statements? What did those statements say?

Did Strathclyde Police question Jack McGinn as to why Celtic was involved in a falsefied a resignation letter on behalf of Cairney? Jack McGinn was in charge of The Celtic View, was it him that wrote Cairney’s resignation notice there? 

Did Strathclyde Police ask Celtic why they did not inform them of what occurred in 1991 when they had a legal sworn statement – i.e. evidence of a crime committed even though it was outside UK jurisdiction that the alleged offence occurred but it was in the UK jurisdiction that the cover-up happened and it was 4 British nationals that allegedly covered it up, and 1 British national, Cairney, that allegedly committed the offence on another British national, the young boy?

Did the SFA make an inquiry as to what one of their member clubs had done to contribute to the cover-up?

Note:  From CelticWiki it says Jack McGinn was ‘Legislative Advisor’ to club after he stood down in August 1994. It goes on to says he was appointed SFA Treasurer then became SFA President in 1997. The year after the cover-up was exposed in the Daily Record:

Jack McGinn CelticWiki

The SFA has questions to answer why in 1996 it was exposed that one of their member clubs had participated in an abuse cover-up. Not only that, they then made the person at the centre of the cover-up, Jack McGinn, the SFA Vice-Chairman and President the year after in 1997. Who also went on to hold positions through the SFA at the top football authorities in UEFA and FIFA?

Top SFA Management Leave Quickly in February 2018

Stewart Regan left 1 February 2018. (source BBC website)

Stewart Regan Leaves SFA

Andrew McKinlay left on 8 February 2018. He jumped across to take charge of Scottish Golf (source BBC website):

Andrew McKinlay Scottish Golf

Here he is wondering if he’s left something behind. 

As it says in the letter, Andrew McKinlay was SFA’s director of Football Governance and Regulation but he was then promoted to Chief Operating Officer. He was number 2 in SFA. As the title immediately says he was ‘SFA Stand-in chief’.

What sort of notice for top execs were they obliged to give the SFA? Did they give it?

This is unprecedented that a Chief Executive and the Chief Operating Officer leave at the same time. A normal board would say no. Both cannot go at the same time. One has to stay and when the new Chief Executive comes onboard then there is a transitional handover of at least 1-2 months.

The SFA Board was negligent in allowing this to happen, this is not a youth club they are running. There’s international tournaments for men and women, managers and coaches to support, sponsors, etc. Why did Regan and McKinlay get permission to leave so quickly? What power did they have over the board? Or did the board want rid of them quickly? Needs explaining.

Why the rush then in February 2018?

Announced that Torbett was going to trial on 5th April 2018

Torbett set for trial 5 April 2018

(source: BBC website)

How long does it take COPFS prosecutors to set a case to justify going for trial, couple of months. Take 2 months off first week in April 2018 and you get February 2018.

This is fits the timeline and very unusual that the top 2 management of the SFA disappear very quickly just when Torbett case is firming up as a certainty.

McKinlay Quoting FIFA Statute article 13.1

Because an MP was asking questions, why did the SFA come over all heavy handed with FIFA statutes? Why were they so defensive? This was way over the top.

Article 13.1 states that: ”Members have the following obligations… to manage their affairs independently and ensure that their own affairs are not influenced by any third parties…” 

This article is for third world countries that are corrupt and who interfere politically and place their own friends in football authority positions of influence. Oh wait a minute on the other that could be the SFA the way Stewart Regan was selected for his Chief Executive role.

Talk about the height of hypocrisy from FIFA with this statute. Remember the 2015-16 FIFA Corruption Scandal? They were the organisation that Sepp Blatter, senior FIFA management and country representatives were found guilty of taking bribes for several sides in the voting for the 2018, 2022 World Cup bids. 

Manage their affairs independently?

What, the SFA get to decide if crimes were committed and covered up, at a club, and also possibly at a football authorities? Don’t think the judiciary and community would accept that.

Third Parties?

Who like MPs who are trying to assure the community that their kids are safe when they are training at football clubs? Football authorities don’t get the right to set themselves apart from the laws and community expectations of the country they operate in.

Any inquiry into an alleged paedophile ring operating in Celtic/Boys Club needs to be independent of the SFA that has shutdown previous attempts to get to the foundations without interference from Scottish football authorities that appear not to have childrens safety in front of their ‘good’ reputation.

Another Possible Reason for the Bailout

SFA report into Sexual Abuse delayed April 2018

The full SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football was delayed until legal cases finished and in the meantime an interim report was issued 26th July 2018.  After McCafferty’s conviction then the SFA should have issued the main report. Why not?

It’s not good that this situation hangs over Scottish football especially considering when it’s senior SFA management that has been stifling an MP’s inquiry. Surely minutes exist where the SFA Board discussed these occurrences over the years? What was discussed when, who recommended what including sitting doing nothing?

SFA is tainted by cover-ups and stifling an MP. Only an inquiry completely independent of the SFA/SPFL by senior judges is required to look at all evidence impartially without favour.

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