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John Delaney FAI CEO forced to resign. Celtic’s Chief Apologist at UEFA and on Disciplinary Committee in 2011 when Rangers hit with PSV charges.

Delaney 500k euro payment from FAI

John Delaney in the fine traditions of Irish corporate payouts and cover-ups comes out smelling of roses with a shut up payout from FAI, the Irish football authority, where he was CEO from 2005 until 2019. Both parties agreed not to air their dirty laundry.

Think the SFA are bad? Take a look at the state of the Irish FAI who needed bailing out by UEFA, where compared to the SFA, at least the FAI haven’t covered up a major sporting child abuse.

Delaney’s track record of:

Singing Irish Republican songs

Hiding bribes from FIFA’s Sepp Blatter

Delaney’s Marcus Evans ticketing deal

UEFA bailing out the FAI and putting auditors in

Supporting Celtic at the UEFA Disciplinary Committee meetings

And these are only some of the incidents that leaked but even those didn’t seem to burnish Delaney’s brass neck but how was it that he was appointed a member of UEFA’s Executive Committee in 2017? As the sub heading above says Delaney will be looking for a payout from UEFA too. 

Singing Irish Republican Song

From the Irish Times when Delaney had to apologise on November 25, 2014:

Delaney Joe McDonnell song apology

As we’ll see below Mr Delaney didn’t say, in 2011, when on UEFA Disciplinary Committee of the Rangers fans “when you sing a song like that you don’t believe in every word”.

€5 million Loan/Bribe Delaney got from Sepp Blatter for the Henry Handball

It was a ‘Sporting solution’ [see Sporting Integrity in the Scottish Football dictionary]. Delaney obfuscates about why the payment didn’t appear in the accounts:

2010 Marcus Evans Ticketing Deal signed by Delaney

From the Sunday Times Irish edition:

Marcus Evans Delaney deal

UEFA Finance Director with Large Bag of Cash to prop up FAI

UEFA Finance Dir and funding for FAI 1

FAI need bailout UEFA finace director sent in 2019

UEFA have been propping up Delaney and FAI for years and it is thought will need to put in another euro 20 million to stabilise it. Delaney knows too many UEFA secrets but that he loves money so he’ll be looking for a big payoff.

Celtic Apologist at the Heart of UEFA’s Disciplinary and Executive Committees

As an Irish Republican songster himself, Delaney was also Celtic’s chief apologist at UEFA Disciplinary Committee of their numerous transgressions especially for their Irish Republican songs which were explained away as not sectarian (racist in UEFA speak) but ‘political’. Where blowing up Protestants was some how not depriving them of their Human Rights but in the words of John Mason Scots SNP MSP, the IRA were ‘freedom fighters’.

Delaney in 2007 also closed down talk of shutting down Celtic Park for pitch invasions on the UEFA Disciplinary Committee (from the Irish Independent):

Delaney battles for Celtic at UEFA

Many fines later UEFA slaps Celtic on the wrist and wonders why they keep offending? Peter Lawwell will miss his Celtic-minded ally inside UEFA every time an new offence is committed to back him up.

2011: Delaney worked with FARE to hammer Rangers using UEFA

Delaney was also on UEFA Disciplinary Committee in 2011 when FARE set-up Rangers for two hits against PSV:

UEFA Disciplinary Committee 2006 2011

As reported by Celtic supporting Roddy Forsyth in The Telegraph on 14 April 2011:

PSV charges April 2011

Delaney appears to have used his position on the UEFA Disciplinary Committee to advantage his favourite Irish team, Celtic FC, by financially harming Rangers.

Delaney tag teamed with FARE when they set Rangers up for two offences while FARE explained to UEFA that the Rangers song ‘The Billy Boys’ was sectarian (See below the historical context of the term Fenian).

UEFA/FARE Repeats Two Hits Against Rangers in 2019 but closes same Porto Offence

This year, 2019, again UEFARE hit Rangers with double fines for sectarian chanting (The Billy Boys) which in their-speak are defined as racism. You know you are dealing with a dictatorship when words no long mean what they did before. ‘All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others’. Celtic fan pro-IRA songs are seen by UEFARE as ‘less’ sectarian than Rangers fans ‘The Billy Boys’.

UEFARE played the two offence move again. Surely natural justice dictates that a team be informed when a first offence occurs instead of deceptively hiding it so that they hammer a team more heavily?

Twice Rangers fans have been declared racists but true racism occurs without effect throughout UEFA leagues in Europe without correction (e.g.):

Sept 2019 Romelu Lukaku: Monkey chants a form of ‘respect’ and ‘not racist’ say Inter Milan fans group (link) turns out ‘the abuse was gamesmanship’!!

Ex-Celt Paolo di Canio’s playing for Lazio with his Nazi salute in 2005 while sporting Fascist tattoos on his back and arm.

Di Canio back tattoodi canio arm tattoo

If people are interested in true racism in football then google:

“racism in football” and “Poland” or “Ukraine” or “Russia” or “Spain” or “Italy” or  “Serbia” or “Croatia”. 

Porto gets off from racism charge, UEFA Disciplinary last Friday, 27 September 2019:

Porto UEFA racism charges dropped 2019

UEFARE appears only to want to hammer Rangers not Porto of Portugal and their complaint was dropped. No doubt Porto had an apologist like John Delaney to place Porto’s racism into the ‘proper’ historical context.

A Portuguese historical note: When Celtic won the European Cup in Lisbon in 1967, Portugal was a right wing military junta (dictatorship) ruled by Salazar until 1974. There doesn’t appear to have been any talk in 1967 of boycotting the game or any subsequent mentions in any of the Celtic history books? What Celtic’s left wing credentials and social conscience hadn’t evolved then or like FARE they only come out when it’s advantageous. Somebody should have pointed out to Billy and Sean that these guys had military uniforms on:

European Cup Military with McNeil

Fenian Brotherhood were late 19th Century Irish Republican Terrorists

The Fenian Brotherhood/Irish Republican Brotherhood (‘The Fenians’), from the US, funded/organised a dynamite bombing campaign in Britain from 1881 to 1885, including Glasgow in 1883 when a dozen people were injured at three explosions and Glasgow was plunged into complete darkness. This was the first major terrorist attack on Glasgow: 

Fenian bombing campaign Glasgow 1888

The Glasgow Fenian bombing campaign is described in depth in Dr Shane Kenna’s (author of several An Phoblacht Fenian articles) book, including the word ‘Fenians’ in the sub-title:

War in the shadows Irish American Fenians Shane Kenna

Glasgow fenian bombings 1883

Glasgow fenian bombings 2

Glasgow fenian bombings 3

Glasgow fenian bombings 4

As noted in the last paragraph “Never before had Britain faced such a threat to urban security”. In WWI the German Zeppelins only reached English coastal towns and London. Even though ‘The Billy Boys’ song was created in the 1920s the events of 1883 and the trauma of the Glasgow bombing campaign perpetrated by ‘The Fenians’ would have been part of a readily recalled urban Glasgow history by The Brigton Billy Boys especially when taunting opposing Catholic gangs.

Even Wikipedia called it the Fenian Dynamite Campaign.

History revisionists claim that fenian is sectarian but it’s not. They were Irishmen that in the 19th century wanted to unite the whole of Ireland through violence funded from the US.

Dublin even has a Fenian Street to celebrate the bombers:

Fenian Street Dublin

This is another case of emotions being used to re-define a term, that is defined in facts i.e. history, for the purposes of Celtic/Irish Republicans/SNP to weaponise it against Rangers/Unionists. This has been capitalised on by the left wing FARE group with an agenda against Rangers that doesn’t match any other FARE campaigns to attack the true roots of racism. FARE ignored Nazi and anti-semitic groups in both Poland and Ukraine prior to the UEFA Euro 2012 in both countries according to Sol Campbell on BBC’s Panorama.

Ukraine nazi football fans

What happened to your principles UEFA and FARE, was too much money involved that you just looked the other way? FARE continues to ignore complaints about Celtic fans pro-IRA songs while UEFA has only fined Celtic 1,000 euros for pro-IRA chants in December 2011. In other words UEFA is saying don’t call people bad names but condone support of terrorists blowing people up?

The Billy Boys was written in the 1920s when the Irish War of Independence was raging and atrocities were being committed in Ireland. In the North against Catholics and in retaliation against Protestants in the South. Glasgow gang, The Brigton Billy Boys used the word Fenian against rival Catholic gangs in the proper historical context of the time against the enemy of their brother Protestants in Ireland that were suffering ethnic cleansing and expulsion from Ireland to Ulster and the West of Scotland. 

In 2011, the SNP government of Alex Salmond made no attempt to understand Irish history and declared the word Fenian sectarian for votes from their Celtic/SNP/Irish Republican supporting Scots.

SNP IRA supporters

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