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Martin Hendry SFA Review into Football Child Abuse Chairman: Roles at LGBT Youth, which he founded with James Rennie paedophile, and RC Church compromise any SFA Report.

Martin Henry’s Child Protection Bonafides

Martin Henry is SFA Review Chairman tasked to be leading the SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Football.

Mr Henry’s track record in child protection is poor since he worked with one of Scotland worst atrocious paedophile, James Rennie at LGBT Youth Scotland, and did not even suspect Rennie while he was using computers at the LGBT to organise paedophile audio, videos, pictures while abusing a young baby.

Yet we are supposed to accept that Mr Henry can make assessments whether a paedohile ring operated at Celtic/Boys Club while he worked with the key member of the Edinburgh one?

The report by the SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Football is over a year late. Mr Henry has put out an interim report and leaks which leave a lot to be desired and he appears to be priming the footballing public for disappointment in holding both Celtic FC and the SFA itself for 4 decades of abuse at Celtic/Boys Club.

In the Interim SFA report, Mr Henry thanks Celtic 3 times and won’t even deem it appropriate to mention Celtic Boys Club as the youth feeder team of Celtic by name.

Mr Henry has also leaked that the report cannot find a paedophile ring operating at Celtic/Boys Club. If Mr Henry didn’t spot a paedophile ring being co-ordinated under his nose at LBGT Youth Scotland in real-time what hope has he historicially delving through scrubbed/schredded reports at SFA when Celtic directors operated there even to SFA President level in Jack McGinn. Mr McGinn was the prime eraser of history of Frank Cairney’s abuse while on the US Celtic Boys Club trip in 1991.

Although Mr Henry cannot mention Celtic, after 5 convicted paedophiles who operated at Celtic/Boys Club, he can find the time to comment on Rangers on behalf of Mark Daly of BBC Scotland who alleged that a cover-up happened at Rangers FC concerning an alleged victim of Gordon Neely who was a youth coach at Rangers.

How the SFA chose Mr Henry to chair this child abuse review with his track record? Well the SFA chose Malky Mackay as Performance Director after getting caught out with his racism communications. Then there is Murdoch MacLennan (Rangers hating) appointed chairman at the SPFL. There seems to be a pattern here. It’s not emerging or between the lines it’s up front and obvious.

Any reasonable person with a piece of paper, a ruler and pencil could work out that the only conclusion with 5 convicted paedophiles, working together with overlapping roles at Celtic/Boys Club is that there was a paedophile ring operating there. And for that to continue for 4 decades it must have been covered up right at the highest level of Scottish football. 

Martin Henry and James Rennie Founded LBGT Youth Scotland in 2003

Both Martin Henry and James Rennie were founding directors of LGBT Youth Scotland on 23 February 2003. From Companies House:

Martin Henry LBGT Youth Scotland

James Rennie LBGT Youth Scotland

Three others were also founders. Cannot have been a large office and they must have been working closely together. Amazing that none of the four other founders did not see James Rennie using his LGBT Youth Scotland computer to promote gross pictures and videos of child abuse while co-ordinating Scotland’s worst paedophile ring from right under their noses. Did they have no IT support reviewing what was being viewed or images on the computers?




James Rennie’s Gross Offences Against Babies/Children

Rennie and Strachan

This wasn’t 7-12 years old or teenager football players. This was babies. It was being promoted and co-ordinated by Rennie through email used at LBGT Youth.

From Guardian report, 7 May 2009:

Guardian Rennie 1

Rennie’s main partner in the paedophile ring, Neil Strachan had worked for Edinburgh Celtic Boys Club:

Strachan Guardian

And how was James Rennie caught, he was using an email address “kplover99”  from the offices of LGBT Youth Scotland in Leith, Edinburgh.

Guardian Rennie 2

According to The Scotsman 2009, James Rennie, sick bastard that he was, requested via a general e-mail with the request: “Has anyone got any porn with young Down’s syndrome or learning difficulty kids?” Please don’t read these newspaper reports if of a serious disposition.

All the reports are harrowing but that Martin Henry still got appointed to the SFA Review when he worked professionally with the worst/co-ordinating paedophile of a ring in the same office and the other main member of the ring was in Celtic Boys Club too. SFA employment panel thinks ‘no conflicts of interest here’?

Martin Henry’s Information Leaks From the SFA Review

Keep in mind that Mr Henry is supposed to be the ‘independent’ SFA Review Chairman leading SFA Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Football.

In 2018, Henry/SFA issued an interim SFA report because of the multiple paedophile convictions relating to Celtic/Boys Club and numerous allegations of sexual abuse of young Scottish footballers. These are the only mentions of Celtic in the report, note: no mentions of Celtic Boys Club:

Only 3 mentions of Celtic in SFA Interim report into sexual abuse 2017

There were 3 mentions of Celtic in the SFA Interim report of the Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football. They are all above in 2 paragraphs, two about a safeguarding officer being created in 2013 and one about commitment and leadership. Thia member club of the SFA has had 5 paedophiles operating over a period of 4 decades in the Celtic/Boys Club orbit. While Scottish football authorities, the SFA have done nothing to independently sanction that club.

A September 2019 article in The Sun says about the SFA Independent Review:

“The review does not name the youth team by name”

Well if the SFA cannot even mention the very large elephant in the room, Celtic/Boys Club, what is the standing of this report going to be when it’s issued? The report has already been delayed well over a year. What are the guardians of our game waiting for, everyone to forget it happened?

Any report by SFA is tainted by their in-actions allowing the paedophile problem at Celtic/Boys Club to go on for so long when it could have been curtailed earlier. If the SFA cannot have the balls to name Celtic Boys Club then what reliability can be found, as Martin Henry, the SFA review panel chairman, in his claims that there was no collusion between the four paedophiles operating at Celtic/Boys Club i.e. there was no ring. This is a typical PR/Spindoctor trick to acclimatise the public audience that their report will say nothing when it comes out.

Martin Henry track record of not mentioning Celtic or the Celtic Boys Club even with the basis of 5 convicted paedophiles didn’t stop him willingly commenting on a poorly researched Mark Daly BBC Scotland piece on a Neely victim accusing Rangers of a ‘cover-up’ without any court testimony. Given the length of time from the alleged offence and knowing that police reports are erased after a period of time then this allegation of cover-up is playing to the crowd.

Martin Henry Adviser to Scottish RC Church

Very hard to find links to his hidden work on behalf of ‘safeguarding’ at the RC church Scotland but his comments appear in the 2015 The McLennan Report:

martin Henry Safequarding RC Scotland

Given the RC church worldwide cover-up of child abuse, fudging of responsibility between parish/diocese/Vatican and hiding assets from victims the RC church Scotland appointed previous Moderator of the Church of Scotland, Dr Andrew McLennan to commission a report on child protection and safeguarding however Dr McLennan in January 2018 criticised the RC church for the very slow implementation of his recommendations.

In 1971, the RC church in Scotland’s were involved in cover-up of Frank Cairney’s abuse while coach at St Columba Boys Guild football team in Viewpark, Motherwell which could have stopped Cairney’s abuse before he was move to the Celtic Boys Club when Johnny Doyle reported Cairney to Fr Kelly. Yes believe it or not Cairney could have been stopped in 1971.

Henry Safeguarding advisor St Andrews Edinburgh

Martin Henry was a safeguarding adviser to disgraced ex-Cardinal Keith O’Brien’s archdiocese of St Andrews and Edinburgh. Keith O’Brien who was leading a hypocritical homosexual relationship with a former priest and assaulting seminarians, for which he was de-frocked. Given Henry’s links to LBGT Youth Scotland and Cardinal O’Brien’s proclivities it can only be support of homosexuality within the RC church. Cardinal O’Brien has not been the only senior RC church hierarchy involved such homosexual assaults, in the US Cardinal Archbishop of Washington, D.C., Theodore McCarrick was de-frocked (laicised) after decades of cover-ups. This abusive behaviour been known for some time in Newark N.J. has been discussed that homosexual priest/seminarian assaults are the next mass abuse wave to hit the RC church after they get through the monstrous accumulated child abuse cases. These assaults echo the same exploitation of power relationships for sexual gratification used by priests/coaches in child sexual abuse.

Combined with Celtic and the Celtic Boys Club direct relationship with the Scottish RC church and Henry’s former RC church role, he is compromised in maintaining any neutrality in the SFA’s review and must resign before tainting the SFA report prior to it’s issuance. 

SFA Compromised Review

This blundering rolling one year late report as well as being compromised by Martin Henry’s leading role is absolutely bereft of any semblance of independence with the SFA’s impartiality undermined by two of the main Celtic directors complicity in covering up four decades of abuse at Celtic/Boys Club. They are Kevin Kelly and Jack McGinn’s who took senior SFA roles and board membership.

Jack McGinn, as SFA President, served on the SFA board and Kelly as a director. Both gentlemen worked for James Torbett’s ‘The Trophy Centre Ltd’ with Kelly as a director after Torbett’s first period of abuse (1967-1974) at Celtic Boys Club. Gerald King, a coach at Celtic Boys Club found to have abused school kids was also employed at The Trophy Centre.

Jack McGinn’s role in the cover-up of the Celtic Boys Club US tour abuse by Frank Cairney in 1991 in the year prior to him becoming SFA President should have been examined by the SFA when he was exposed in the Daily Record by Anna Smith in 1996. Did this happen or was it ignored by the SFA board of the time?

Other Celtic directors, Peter Lawwell and Eric Riley, served on the SFA board.

Were any complaints blocked administratively from follow-up or discussions shutdown at SFA board meetings?

Suppression of reports of abuse would allow offenders to generate more victims. These authorities owed vulnerable kids a ‘duty of care’ to protect them by vetting coaches as well as sanctioning teams like Celtic which allowed paedophiles to continue abusing kids but didn’t. If there is no deterrent in the SFA regulations for allowing cover-up of abuse of players then there are general rules for bringing the game into disrepute until such can be added. As in Rangers EBT case senior judges investigated whether sanctions can be imposed against a club for extraneous situations. The SFA have tools available to impose sanctions on Celtic. This will not prevent civil damages being pursued by victims against SFA in the event of any suppression or ignoring of historical complaints.

Refusal by the SFA to acknowledge the occurrence of abuse victims suffering has gone on for years and should have been dealt with when Torbett’s abuse case first came out in 1998 but it wasn’t. The SFA/SPFL even refused to answer a MP’s concerns of cover-ups in 2012 letters here and here.

Journalists Sources Should Be Reputable

Journalists when they use sources, even if anonymously, have to establish their bonafides, the good standing of their sources. For Mark Daly to use Martin Henry, supposedly an expert in child protection, who could not spot James Rennie, one of Scotland’s worst infant paedophiles, while working professionally with him at LGBT Youth in Leith while he Rennie accessed child pornography and liased with his paedophile ring. And given Henry’s prior RC church roles, is this the ‘right expert’ to decide whether what was happening a Celtic/Boys Club was a Paedophile Ring or not when he couldn’t spot the worst Scottish paedophile under his nose?

Open Secret, a Scottish charity in the child abuse field, queried Henry’s appointment in 2017 and asked the SFA to reconsider. They did not. For another charity to state their worries in this field is a big red flag. From BBC 14 February 2017:

Open Secret querying Henry appoint Feb 2017 BBC

With Mr Henry at the chairmanship of the SFA Review we are on a Road to Nowhere. From Dumbarton born David Byrne in Talking Heads:

“We’re on the Road to Nowhere. We’re on a road to Paradise ….. “

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