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Thomas Partl: Chairman of UEFA Control, Ethics & Disciplinary for over 20 Years. Appeaser of Celtic/Green Brigade.

Roger Pielke jr

From Roger Pielke jr’s paper ‘Obstacles to Accountability in International Sports Governance’.

For the prevention of corruption in organisations it is important that there should be turnover at the top level of organisations. Entrenched persons involved in corruption has been seen in footballing authorities from FIFA with Sepp Blatter and the member representatives taking bribes, UEFA with Michel Platini, FAI with John Delaney, SFA/SPFL tag teaming of Regan/Doncaster with rotations of Lawwell/Riley/Petrie on the boards. Same old faces.

These are member organisations which set their own rules. ‘A desire by sports leaders to govern themselves autonomously’ – they threaten members if they bring in the police or government. Also there is no stock market discipline governing them. They are a law unto themselves.

To get anything done means for outsiders going cap in hand to pay patronage to get something done. There is a lack of turnover of chairmanships and committee positions which require that to stop corruption. There should be limited tenure.

Entrenchment means anyone trying to get change or recognise major problems like child abuse at a major club has no chance of internal movement. Change can only come from outside pressure.

UEFA taking cognisance after the FIFA corruption sackings and Platini’s ethics violations, made the move to restrict membership of their Executive Committee to four years rotation only from July 2017 forwards. Excluded from that requirement, has been the main powerful position of the Chairman of Control, Ethics and Disciplinary which has been held by Dr Thomas Partl, Austrian for over 20 years.

Thomas Partl Chairman of UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body

Thomas Partl 1999

Here’s Dr Partl looking a bit worse for wear partaking in UEFA largesse behind him in 1999 not on a social occasion but at an UEFA Control & Disciplinary meeting. Note: Ethics wasn’t there in 1999.

Dr Partl is from the province of Carinthia which in the southernmost part of Austria. Austria being very predominantly Catholic.

Dr Partl is Chairman of:

Control, Ethics & Disciplinary and Appeals body

Ethics and Disciplinary inspectors

Club Financial Control Body (FFP)

Where he’s been in power for over 20 years. We don’t think there has been a person longer in a position of influence at UEFA.

Combine this entrenchment with closed biased reporting by FARE then one can see the recipe for collusion and bias.

Observable Bias towards Celtic at UEFA from Charges

The bias can be seen in this graphic of Celtic’s fines (not sure who created but thanks):

Celtic UEFA charges in Last 12 years

That’s 20 fines over 23 charges for Celtic in 12 years with another due in December 12th when UEFA Disciplinary meets for use of pyrotechnics in Rome. So that will be 3 fines in 2019. UEFA appear to be, instead of escalating fines, but dropping the size of the pyrotechnics fines. Doh?

Here is John Delaney, Irish Celtic appeasing FAI Chief Exec at the time, serving with Thomas Partl:

UEFA Disciplinary Committee 2006 2011

Delaney helped prevent Celtic getting their ground shut down in 2007, note: 2007, for the pitch invasion when a Celtic fan slapped AC Milan keeper Dida:

Delaney battles for Celtic at UEFA

Normally when a perpetrator repeats the crime there is an escalation of the punishment. It doesn’t appear so at UEFA Disciplinary for Celtic over the years.

You can see the first Entering the Field of Play charges in October 2007 for Dida. What happened the following year in 2008 when the offence was repeated? Did they escalate to closing the ground? No. The fine was increased sure but to go from near closure to not even considering it on a twofer is just doubling down on bias. 

Then in October 2017, against PSG another fan enters the field at Parkhead and attacks Mbappe. Result: reduced fine of £8,900. Escalation Escalation wherefore art thou? What sort of deterrent scheme is this which is back to front?

Lawwell Has UEFA Committees Heads on Call

Note: Lawwell is on the UEFA Club Competitions Committee and the UEFA Professional Football Strategy Council as one of the ECA’s representatives.

On the morning of the Celtic AGM, 27 November 2019, Lawwell tried to appease the Resolution 12 obsessives by phoning the Head of Licencing at UEFA at Nyon, Switzerland. This is how it works when you have direct access to positions in power. 

Previously the Head of Club Licensing was also in charge of Financial Fair Play so was under Dr Partl at the time of the peak Resolution 12 in 2016.

Remember, in a previous post, UEFA Head of Licensing and Financial Fair Play, Andrea Traverso who replied to directly to the Resolution 12 obsessives about Rangers 2011/12 licence.

Traverso UEFA letter

Andrea Traverso signature on Res12 Letter

Traverso also had Brian Quinn, previous Celtic chairman, working for him on the UEFA CFCB (Club Financial Control Body) under Financial Fair Play.

However according to UEFA Statutes 2018 (they may have changed), Article 32 on says ‘They shall not take any measure nor exercise any influence in relation to a matter where any conflict of interests exists or is perceived to exist’.

UEFA Article 32 Conflict of Interest

So why was Traverso giving letters to a supporters groups against a rival team? Why was John Delaney allowed to ‘explain’ why PIRA supporting songs were not sectarian (racist in UEFA speak) and prevent Celtic’s ground closure in 2007 and 2008? Didn’t he have a conflict of interest?

Why has the bias in UEFA Disciplinary prevented escalation of punishments for repeated offences that have turned into wrist slaps?

Why do Celtic get warnings to curtail Green Brigade standing area before UEFA close sections which should have happened a long time before now?

Because of people getting mates rates through established long-term ingrown corruption through familiarity.

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