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GCC & Scottish government lie about End of Lease sale conditions to selectively sell Westthorn to Celtic in 2009.

Ever wondered why Glasgow City Council did not put a copy of the Lease Agreement 2000 between themselves and Celtic on their website dedicated to the Land Transactions between the council & Celtic? Well it’s because the lease shows that the council lied and so did the Scottish government in it’s submission to the EU … Continue reading

True Westthorn Health and Safety Executive History. GCC more in the Bullshit zone than Blast zone.

Here is the sequence of Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Consultation Zones involving Westthorn from February 2005 to December 2016. HSE only excludes the MZ – Middle Zone and IZ – Inner Zone of the Consultation Zones from residential development. That land however still had value as car parking or landscaping but was given away free … Continue reading

Westthorn: District Valuer tried for 2 years to protect Glasgow ratepayers but he was conned by Glasgow City Council & Celtic saying they were going to Arbitration.

Here in the District Valuer’s last letter to Glasgow City Council he condemns GCC’s concessions to Celtic but remains hopeful that: “However, at least additional sums should be paid to the Council whenever the valuation of Westthorn is determined by arbitration”. Well the District Valuer’s hopes were dashed because it never went to arbitration. Here … Continue reading

Amazingly the only Glasgow City Council Geotechnical department study on Westthorn ever done is a couple of pages from 1998

Isn’t it incredible that even though Westthorn has been subject to an EU State Aid complaint in 2013 involving Glasgow City Council, Celtic and the Scottish Government that the only ‘geotechnical report’ produced by the council is a 1998 3 page Geotechncial Desk Study Preliminary report lacking any evidence to base any conclusions. Really the report is … Continue reading

Richard Brown Exec Dir of Development and Regeneration Services Glasgow City Council’s lies renders EU State Aid case defence Null & Void

From his Glasgow Chamber of Commerce profile, Richard Brown was made Executive Director of Development and Regeneration Services (DRS) at Glasgow City council in March 2012.  From his profile from the Glasgow Chamber of Commerce you can see he started in Strathclyde Regional Council 1988 then joined Glasgow City Council in 1996. From there he … Continue reading

Savills Report needs to be condemned as unsafe. SEPA & Scottish Water say no contamination on Westthorn.

Below we take apart the Savills Report & Valuation November 2013 used by the Scottish Government to base their arguments to the EU Competition Directorate that there was no EU State Case to answer. Under 3.0 Location and Situation: So Belvidere Village, which had nothing to do with the Commonwealth games, is local authority and older … Continue reading

The NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde Financial Disaster that is the Lennox Castle Hospitals deals

Audit Scotland, given copies of the details below, refused to examine the financial disaster that is the sale and development of the former Lennox Castle Hospital lands by NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde (NHSGGC). Somehow NHSGGC contrived to dispose of prime land, invest in housebuilding on another part while ending up with a large debt … Continue reading

Belvidere next door to Westthorn: Sold in 2005 for £8 Million after Abnormals deducted. Westthorn should have been at least £3 million.

This FOI gives us the information that Belvidere sold for over £8 million after deductions for Abnormals. The Gross figure was over £15 million. It was sold to Kier Homes in 2005. Belvidere was 11.82 Hectares. That’s £699,769 say £700,000 per hectare or £280,539 per acre. Westthorn was 5.46 hectares. Let’s take off the ‘blast zone’ amount of 0.7 … Continue reading

URS Desk Study : Abnormals figures added to ‘Geotechnical Report’. No calculations in Detailed Appendix.

Apart from URS Geotechnical Report October 2004 being flawed by attributing faults on Barrowfield to Westthorn, not enough detailed analysis has been done to properly calculate Abnormals, deductions prior to sale. Also a lot of the deductions are not deductions given to a client they are costs which should be borne by the buyer. We will discuss … Continue reading

Tainted URS Report undermines Savills Report and Scottish Government EU State Aid case

This is from the Ordnance Survey map 1897 of Parkhead. Here it can be seen that the Claypit. Well and Brick Works are on Barrowfield. As well as showing how the URS Report was misused to conflate conditions on Westthorn there will also be further posts pulling this ‘desktop’ study report apart. Desktop?What people don’t … Continue reading