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Celtic Redevelopment Indoor Training Centre at Westthorn shows the EU State Aid case was valid. The DV was correct. Abnormal Costs are Corrupt.

Glasgow City Council Valuation of Westthorn Since Celtic bought Westthorn for £675,000 in 2009, from Glasgow City Council, they have done nothing with it except use it as security on the Co-Op Bank low interest overdrafts and loans. Note that Westthorn was bought after Celtic decided to move their training centre to Lennoxtown. It would … Continue reading

Nobody Expects The Spanish Inquisition In Glasgow But These Days You Would Not Be Surprised: Part 1

In a previous post we highlighted the Jesuit run school, St Aloysius in Glasgow. If you thought they were the RC church’s shock troops well the SNP welcomed even heavier dudes/lassies – Opus Dei. What next the Spanish Inquisition?   Opus Dei Scotland AKAs In Scotland, if you have ever donated or sponsored the following … Continue reading

Martin O’Neil’s overspend bought 2001 Treble using Dermot Desmond’s Bank Guarantee. Debt needed to be cleared by share offer.

In the Celtic accounts for year ending 30 June 2001, Chairman Brian Quinn acclaims their first Treble in over 30 years but the clue to how it was achieved appears in the next paragraph: Celtic made a gross investment of over £21m in players. The players signed are listed in the accounts:       … Continue reading

Glasgow City Council/Celtic EU State Aid investigation was one of the Scottish Government’s Off The Books ‘No Minutes’ cases.

On 1 June 2017, a major development occurred which unfortunately has been overshadowed by the noise from the General Election campaign. Twenty-three journalists representing major news outlets in Scotland wrote an open letter to MSPs tasked with selecting the new Scottish Information Commissioner. It was also copied to Derek Mackay – as FOI Minister, Leslie Evans – Permanent … Continue reading

Want to see what the Celtic SLA was supposed to deliver? Every year for 9 years.

Under FoI we were able to get a copy of the Lennoxtown Initiative Project Development Group paper titled ‘Service Level Agreement between Lennoxtown Initiative and Celtic PLC‘ dated December 2005. This document was used as the basis to calculate the Payment Schedule contained in Part 2 of the SLA Agreement which was signed by the Lennoxtown … Continue reading