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Celtic FC’s £9 Million Hidden Debt paying 6% in Perpetuity

Hidden round the back In Celtic’s 2012 Annual Report, available under http://www.celticfc.net/corporate_investornews, Chairman Ian Bankier proclaims on page no. 1 under the Summary of Results, that the 2012 Year End net bank debt is £2.77m up £0.53m from 2011. Naturally Scottish football journalists regurgitate the press release, don’t go deeper into the figures and praise the amazing low … Continue reading

Peter Lawwell was a director of Monktonhall Colliery Ltd when it became Insolvent & went into Liquidation in 1997

300 Miners Lose their jobs, Creditors Lose money, Injured Miner Loses out on Compo In May 1997, Monktonhall Colliery Limited [MCL], Midlothian became insolvent and was put in liquidation which put 300 miners on the slag heap. At the time Peter Lawwell was a director of MCL and had been for a year. Even though … Continue reading

Dermot Desmond’s betting company, Betdaq declared a Rogue Operator

Another Story Missed by Scottish Football Media While one of UEFA’s main worries for the game is match fixing & obviously the betting on those matches, the majority owner & director of Celtic FC, Dermot Desmond, is also the owner of Betdaq, an online betting exchange, which was recently declared a ‘Rogue Operator’ by Australian … Continue reading