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Denis O’Brien: Major Celtic shareholder uses same Swiss Lawyers to hide shares as Dermot Desmond for his Panama Papers bearer shares

Denis O’Brien’s shareholding in Celtic PLC From Investegate on 22 December 2006: The shares were bought from Martin O’Neil according to the lse website : Note: The information from the stock exchange notice of Telstar Holdings SA is wrong. On the Celtic website it’s listed as Telsar Holdings SA Depfyffer and Associes: Telsar Holdings SA and Depfyffer and … Continue reading

The Offshore Game: More like The Off Target Game

The Offshore Game and their bias against Rangers We have seen recently The Offshore Game’s George Turner attempt to blacken the name of Rangers FC with their blog not a report on their website. This however is the second time they have attempted to do the same. Last year they tried through the footballisfixed bigoted blogger … Continue reading

FARE’s ‘unbiased’ Observers? Two UEFA journalists on the ground for the game at PSV in 2011 were Celtic fans

FARE has never declared any transparency as to who was their ‘unbiased’ observer who reported Rangers to UEFA  Without FARE declaring who he/they were their ‘unbiasedness’ cannot be verified.  However we can verify that two UEFA reporters, both Celtic fans, were on the ground in Eindhoven, one of which reported for UEFA just prior to the … Continue reading

East Dunbartonshire Council progressing winding up of Lennoxtown Initiative charity which is heavily indebted, 50% from Celtic SLA payments

The above is the first part of the reply to a FOI request made to East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC) regarding their guarantee to fund The Lennoxtown Initiative (LI) charity’s debt. Firstly there is an admission that EDC is ‘working with LI with a view to formalising the wind up of the organisation’. Seconding the admission that … Continue reading