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URS Desk Study : Abnormals figures added to ‘Geotechnical Report’. No calculations in Detailed Appendix.

Apart from URS Geotechnical Report October 2004 being flawed by attributing faults on Barrowfield to Westthorn, not enough detailed analysis has been done to properly calculate Abnormals, deductions prior to sale. Also a lot of the deductions are not deductions given to a client they are costs which should be borne by the buyer. We will discuss … Continue reading

Tainted URS Report undermines Savills Report and Scottish Government EU State Aid case

This is from the Ordnance Survey map 1897 of Parkhead. Here it can be seen that the Claypit. Well and Brick Works are on Barrowfield. As well as showing how the URS Report was misused to conflate conditions on Westthorn there will also be further posts pulling this ‘desktop’ study report apart. Desktop?What people don’t … Continue reading

Celtic were buying Lennoxtown and needed to get out of Westthorn Sale Agreement. Claimed Financial Reasons.

Here is the District Valuer letter of 19 January 2005 talking about the Lease signed in June 2000 between Glasgow City Council and Celtic:   Points to note are: Celtic claim to have invested £500,000 in Westthorn. Lease Agreement signed in June 2000 due to end in June 2005, 6 months away. Sale Agreement comes … Continue reading

Coincidence? Glasgow City Council Police Investigation Announced Same Day as Celtic Hotel/Retail Design

Yesterday, 21 February 2017, Police Scotland were called into Glasgow City Council to investigate corruption and cronyism which was reported in The Scottish Sun: It involves Brian Devlin, Executive Director of Land and Environmental Services of Glasgow City Council who was suspended. Police also questioned others including a John Docherty, a Land & Environmental Services … Continue reading

Savills Ignores that Celtic is a Special Purchaser. District Valuer recommended Clawback on Hotel site

The Savills report of November 2013 states very early on that they will only give a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) defined Market Value for the Glasgow City Council public lands sold to Celtic. However is this correct? Apart from the facts that in 2005, when the valuations were defined in options and agreements, … Continue reading

Scottish Government EU State Aid submission does not match Glasgow City story on Westthorn

The Scottish Government EU State Aid submission dated 4 July 2014 submitted on behalf of Glasgow City Council and Celtic says this about Westthorn: Here’s what the previously hidden/unreleased HSE letter of June 2005 says: HSE states that development can happen in between the Middle Zone (MZ) and Outer Zone (OZ) in fact all the block from the MZ … Continue reading

East Dunbartonshire gave Lennoxtown Initiative carte blanche to run up debts allowing Celtic SLA to keep paying

Mutually Acceptable Arrangements for The Lennoxtown Initiative to run up Uncapped debt This excerpt is from the year ending 31 March 2011 Lennoxtown Initiative charity’s accounts on page 4. The key sentence reads: “Mutually acceptable arrangements have been entered into between the company and the Council and these sums will be reimbursed to the Council … Continue reading

District Valuer condemns Glasgow City Council concessions to Celtic in February 2007

In November 2016, Glasgow City Council thinking they solved the EU State Aid case against them and Celtic PLC by the unprofessional Savills report thought they could halt or reduce the flow of FOIs by listing ‘their narrative’ and documents relating to the case. Unfortunately the schedule of documents and the information therein has stirred … Continue reading

East Dunbartonshire raids Lennoxtown Initiative’s Capital & Campsie Youth funds to bail out Celtic SLA Deficit

East Dunbartonshire Council (EDC), who are ‘looking after’ The Lennoxtown Initiative charity, were only 20 months late in lodging the charity’s accounts for the Year Ending 31st March 2015. They were delivered just before Christmas 2016. You can see that EDC are clearing the decks in order to close the charity and bury the deception … Continue reading

Savills Fixes It for Celtic & Glasgow City Council EU State Aid by Retrospective Valuations

The paragraphs above are from Glasgow City Council’s website and the document is titled ‘Audit Scotland Glasgow City Council Draft 2015/16 Annual audit report to Members and the Controller of Audit‘. Certain members of the public asked Audit Scotland to audit the Westthorn land deal between the GGC and Celtic. We would firstly like to […]

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